Ready for School

Today we’re getting ready to go back to school with crafts and creative ways to show your individuality in the classroom, and next week we’ll be having a back to school party.

School scrapbook pockets

Leather day planner

Painted notebooks

Erasable labels

Notebook labels

Stickers from scratch

Roll-up pencil kit

Felt pencil case

Babushka toppers

Decorated pencils

Recycled crayons

Marbelized pencils

Artist’s organizer

Tree bark pencil holder

Chromatic desk organizer

Portable desk

Fair isle dots trays

After school painted wooden caddy

Painted sneakers

Apple printed bags

Oilcloth messenger bag

Hankie holder

Tye-dye lunch bags

Container locker magnets

Magnetic lunch chart

Six and seven more ideas

What cool back to school ideas have you seen?

Crazy for Corn

Today we’re celebrating one of my favorite vegetables: corn!  Whether on the cob, in a salad, by itself or in a dish it’s one of my favorites.

Soups and sides

Chilled corn soup

Summer corn chowder

Lobster and corn chowder

Southwest corn chowder

Cheddar corn chowder

Corn and green chili muffins

Roasted corn and crab dip

Corn dip with tomatoes and basil

Corn salsa

Corn fritters

Grilled potato kabobs with lemon-herb drizzle


Spinach salad with chicken, corn, tomatoes and feta

Chilled corn and crab salad

Corn, zucchini and orzo salad

Corn salad

Confetti summer salad

Fresh corn and rice salad

Black bean and corn salad


Orecchiette, corn, arugula and tuna

Orzo, tuna, corn and asparagus

Mussels, corn, cherry tomatoes and tarragon

Penne with lobster, corn, zucchini and arugula

Steamed bass with corn and zucchini

Shrimp and corn tacos

Low country boil

More Main Dishes:

Corn stuffed poblano chilies

Baked rice with sausage, peppers and corn

White chili with cornbread

Corn and basil tart

What are your favorite ways to eat corn?

Let’s Go Golf

Today we’re honoring that summer fun activity: golf.  If you need a break from the course or your kids are jealous of mom and/or dad going off to play here are some snacks and activities to try, plus a few other golf related ideas.

Let’s Play:

Playing ladder golf and wiffle ball (a video)

Tin can indoor golf fun

Tee off birthday party

Glowing night golf

Pumpkin golf

Golf race game

Let’s Create:

Bachelor party invitations

Golf pen and holder

Golf cover sock puppets

Knitted golf club covers

Golf ball snowman ornament

Decorating golf balls

Golf ball garden bugs

Golf ball ants

Shark golf balls

Let’s Eat:

Arnold Palmer drink

Cupcakes version 1

Cupcakes version 2

What are your golf inspired ideas?

Rich Rice Pudding

Today we’re taking a look at the simple yet sweet rice pudding.  Don’t worry, there are some recipes for those of us who are careful what we eat, as well as some varieties I haven’t tried before but just might have to!

Vanilla rice pudding

Brown rice pudding

Chocolate hazelnut rice pudding

Chocolate rice pudding

Honey rice pudding

Jasmine rice pudding

Ginger rice pudding

Meringue topped rice pudding

Vanilla rice pudding with glazed oranges

Creamy orange rice pudding

Rice pudding tarts with blood oranges

Rice pudding with dried apricots

Cardamom and cranberry rice pudding

Creamy rice pudding with caramelized bananas

Coconut rice pudding with raspberries

Coconut rice pudding with mangoes

Rum raisin rice pudding

Rice pudding with macadamia nut topping

Caramelized rice pudding

Caramel rice pudding

Banana rice pudding treats

Autumn parfait

Rockin’ rice pudding

Lightened rice pudding

What are your favorite ways to make rice pudding?

By the Sea

Today we’re taking a little trip to the seashore for some rope and lighthouse inspired decorations and crafts.

Rope wrapped drum light shade

Rope trivets

Nautical rope vase

Nautical multi strand bracelet

Nautical stripe yarn bracelet

Dip dyed nautical rope bracelet

Anchor pillow

Nautical rope mirror

Nautical tote bag

Nautical crochet tote bag

Lighthouse candle sticks

Lighthouse candle holder

A paper lighthouse and a lighthouse made from a cup

Braided doormat

Rope coasters

Nautical knobs

Clay pot lighthouse

Simple shell decoration ideas

18 more nautical decoration ideas

What are your favorite by the sea crafts?

Beautiful Beets

Today we’re taking a look at a yummy summer vegetable, the beet!  They come in several colors/varieties, and just like carrots and lettuce you can eat them raw!

Meat and Fish:

Sauteed beet greens, roasted beets and pork tenderloin

Gemelli, red cabbage, beets and prosciutto

Halibut and roasted beets

Beet gazpacho with shrimp

Warm Dishes:

Boiled beets with sauteed beet greens

Roasted garlic and beet soup

Beets with pasta and ricotta

Lentils, ginger, golden beets and herbs

Beet green pierogi with mixed summer beets, brown butter sauce, and ricotta salata

Rosy beet risotto

Roasted beet tapenade

Salads and Sides:

Beet and brown rice salad with goat cheese

Baby beet salad with sugar snap peas

Roasted beet salad with pomegranate molasses

Roasted beet and dandelion greens

Beet salad with honey lavender dressing

Beet chip and goat cheese Hors d’Oeuvres

Warm beet salad

Marinated beet salad

Ginger pickled beets

Roasted beets with mint yogurt sauce

Beet cabbage and carrot slaw with caraway seeds

Raw beet slaw with fennel, tart apple and parsley

Beet and carrot slaw

Tomato and beet salad

Dips and Drinks:

Roasted beet and white bean hummus

Roasted beet hummus

Beet, apple and mint juice

Carrot and beet juice



How do you enjoy beets?


Dreaming with Dinosaurs

Today we’re getting creative with the creatures you’re hearing about everywhere from the big screen to the newest national park; dinosaurs!

Plaster dinosaur

Clothespin dinosaur

Ice dinosaur breakout

Dinosaur scavenger hunt

Homemade dinosaur bones

Erupting dinosaur volcano

Toilet paper roll dinosaur

Prehistoric bugs

Dinosaur hat

Dinosaur track flip-flops

Glowing sand dinosaur dig

Paper mache dinosaur bank

Dino grass heads

Days of the dinosaur party ideas

More dinosaur party ideas

What are your favorite dinosaur activities and crafts?