Back To School Story

Around the US kids and adults are returning to another year of school so today we’re taking a look at some school inspired crafts.

DIY stress ball

Homework station

Embroidered craft cups

Desk organizer

Dream desk

Roll up pencil kit

Felt pencil case

Marbleized pencils

Pencil case

Play dough

Mini bubble wand

Non-slip slipper socks

Tie-dye lunch bags

DIY erasers

Pencil holders

Craft stick school bus

Alphabet tote

Cardboard tube desk organizer

Portable first aid kit

Knotted zipper pencil pouch

Even more back to school crafts

What will you be creating this school year?

Picking Plums

Today we’re looking at a favorite spring and summer fruit: the plum!

Plum tart

Gingered plum streusel pie

Dried plum coffee cake

Seared plums

Plum jam

Plum galette

Plum cake

Plum butter

Plum meringues

Plum crumble

Cherry plums in vodka

Sauteed plums in maple syrup

Plum and pinion coffee cake

Grilled plum kabobs

Plum and port crostata

Plum tart

Buttermilk plum cake

Plum skillet cake

Sugar plum tart

Spicy plum salsa

Warm plum sauce

Tapioca pudding with glazed plums

Plum galettes

Spiced plum pie

Port and cinnamon plums

Plum berry whole wheat tarts

Red plum shortbread bars

Grilled plum topped pizza

Cast iron plum polenta cake

Cherry plum bread pudding

Plum crunch

Plum cornbread

Plum vanilla preserves


Plum negroni

Prune plum spritzer

Plum and pineapple sangria

Plum caipirinha

Plums up

What are your favorite ways to enjoy plums?

Featuring Focaccia

Today we’re taking a look at focaccia bread, both making it and recipes you can make with it.  There are even sweet and savory recipes to try.

Making focaccia:

Blitz bread

Herb and olive focaccia

Golden focaccia

Sunday focaccia

Savory tomato focaccia

Sprouted whole wheat and fruit focaccia

Cracked black pepper and rosemary focaccia

Eggplant focaccia

Lemon focaccia

Rosemary focaccia

Blueberry focaccia

Gluten free focaccia

Recipes featuring focaccia:

Harvest focaccia

Focaccia sticks

Balsamic glazed cherry focaccia

Spinach filled Lebanese focaccia

Dried fruit focaccia

Gorgonzola pear focaccia

Focaccia breadsticks

Savory focaccia pie

Focaccia camembert pizza

Zucchini and proscuitto focaccia

Grilled Italian sausages and tomatoes on focaccia

Grilled beef tenderloin on focaccia toasts

Gluten free fruit focaccia

What are your favorite focaccia recipes?

Kiwi Creations

Today we’re taking a look at some kiwi recipes! Kiwi is a great summer treat, whether you enjoy it all by itself, in a fruit salad or mixed up in a delicious recipe.

Kiwi summer roll

Kiwi meringues

Yogurt cones kiwis

Shrimp kiwi lime relish

Honey flan citrus and kiwi fruit

Lime kiwi freezer jam

Kiwi lime pie

Chocolate covered kiwi pops

Strawberry, kiwi and quinoa breakfast parfait

Fresh fruit parfait with lemon poppy seed yogurt

Fresh fruit tart


Kiwi margarita

Kiwi honeydew limeade

Kiwi crush

Fizzy kiwi lemonade

Fresh kiwi grape juice

Kiwi peach green smoothies

Kiwi pineapple smoothies

Strawberry kiwi punch

Spring green smoothies

Kiwi ginger zinger protein smoothie

Frozen Treats

Watermelon kiwi pops

Fruity white sangria pops

Kiwi strawberry rooibos ice pops

Tropical fruit coconut parfait pops

Kiwi ice pops

What are your kiwi recipes and tips?

Barley Basics

Today I’ve got recipes using one of my favorite ingredients: barley!

Bread and Breakfast:

Apple and oat barley bread

Barley breakfast bread

Marmalade barley scones

Orange barley pound cake

Warm barley cereal with dried cherries

Barley, apricots, hazelnuts, chocolate and honey


Chicken barley soup

Beef and barley vegetable soup

Mushroom barley soup

Herb pesto barley soup

Pumpkin barley sage soup

Barley vegetable soup

Tuscan barley soup

Main Dishes:

Roasted barley pilaf

Barley salad herbs

Mushroom barley salad

Watercress and barley salad

Salmon and barley salad

Barley risotto shrimp and peas

Barley salad with corn and chicken

Barley chicken and fig salad

Barley, Brussels sprouts, spinach and edamame

Barley stuffed peppers

Spicy barley and rice

Barley and butternut dressing

Italian barley and sausage casserole

Barley Greek salad

Stout braised short ribs with barley

How do you enjoy eating barley?

Broccoli Bites

Today we’re going to take a look at a great summer (and all year) vegetable: broccoli.  It’s something that’s often stuck out for dips and snacks, and doesn’t usually cost a lot, but doesn’t always hold a lot of appeal.  So if you’re looking to add broccoli to your menu, here are a few recipes to try.

Cheese and broccoli crepes

Quiche bites

Broccoli slaw

Broccoli hache

Broccoli calzones

Spicy broccoli with garlic

Lemony braised broccoli

Broccoli cheese frittata

Broccoli stalk salad

Broccoli pecorino tart

Broccoli and chickpea salad

Beef and broccoli

Baked broccoli custards

Sesame beef and broccoli

Mediterranean broccoli couscous platter

Broccoli and white bean salad

Corn and broccoli bake

Broccoli chicken curry

Parmesan chicken and broccoli

Thai chicken broccoli wraps

Rigatoni with broccoli, beans and basil

Chicken and lemon broccoli alfredo

Broccoli salad

Mini broccoli quiches with prosciutto crusts

Broccoli cheddar cornbread

Asiago roasted broccoli

Cheesy mushroom and broccoli casserole

How do you enjoy preparing broccoli?

Better with Brie

Today we’re continuing our look at one of my favorite food groups, cheese, with a look at brie!

Caramelized onion and brie pizza

Baked brie cups

Baked brie with apricot jam

Brie and walnut cake

Baked brie with pecans

Persimmon and brie crostini

Ham and brie crepes

Quesadillas with chutney and brie

Caramel coated brie

Baked brie with boozy fruit

Spinach and brie chicken with tomato orzo

Fried deviled brie

Macaroni and brie with crab

Rosemary brie chicken burgers

Zucchini brie breakfast casserole

Crescent wrapped brie

Brie stuffed mushrooms

Roasted chicken, peach and brie pizza

Honey peppercorn brie dip

Grilled green quesadillas with brie and herbs

Brie and merlot mushroom bites

Lobster brie phyllo packets

Baked brie cups

How do you enjoy brie?