Christmas Food Gifts

Today I thought we’d look at some awesome DIY food gifts you can give to family and friends.

Granola and Trail Mix:

Pumpkin seed trail mix

Fig ginger granola

Savory thyme granola

Gingerbread granola



Cookies, Scones:

Christmas macaroons

Lemon crispies

Toffee pecan cookie

Toasted coconut drops

Triple fruit fruitcake mix

Toffee blondies

Coconut crunch cookies

Gingerbread scones

Apple cinnamon muffins

Chocolate nut cookies

Toffee blondies

Cranberry bran muffins

Blueberry ginger hotcakes

M&M cookie mix

Chocolate peanut butter M&M cookies

Cinnamon spice muffins

Soup Mixes:

Curried lentil soup

Spicy three bean soup


Flavored vodkas

Limoncello (video)

Hot chocolate mix (video)

Spiced apple tea mix

Peppermint hot chocolate

Sauces and Syrups:

Herb infused olive oil

Spicy cinnamon syrup

Sundae sauce

Caramel bourbon vanilla sauce

Slow cooker pear and apple butter

Sweet pomegranate syrup

Chunky cranberry relish

Peppery peach sauce

Cranberry syrup

Lemon curd

Cranberry chutney

Strawberry chia jam

More ideas:

Salt blends

Personal coffee blend

Scented sugars

Candy cane marshmallows

All purpose spice rub

Jamaican jerk rub

Multipurpose meat marinade

Savory herb salt rub

What DIY food gifts have you received and loved or are your favorites to give?


Let’s Have Hot Chocolate

Today we’re looking at a holiday favorite, hot chocolate!  We’ve got lots of drink ideas as well as some tasty food ideas too.


Homemade hot chocolate with dry milk

Cocoa blocks

Sweetheart cinnamon hot cocoa

Hot chocolate with fresh nutmeg

Malted hot chocolate

Mexican hot chocolate

Spiced hot dark chocolate

White hot chocolate

Nutella hot chocolate

Hazelnut hot cocoa

Peppermint hot chocolate

Cinnamon infused hot chocolate

Toasted marshmallow cream hot chocolate

Cardamom hot chocolate with vanilla bean whipped cream

Milk chocolate and peanut butter hot chocolate

French style hot chocolate

White chocolate hot cocoa with coconut and rum

Raspberry cocoa with chocolate hazelnut cream

Vanilla coffee white hot chocolate

Timberline hot chocolate

Coconut tres leches hot chocolate

Cocoa nib hot chocolate

Hot cocoa almond milk


Triple treat hot chocolate cake

Mexican hot chocolate cake

Frozen hot chocolate

Hot cocoa cookies

Hot cocoa ice pops

Raspberry hot chocolate cupcakes

Hot cocoa brownie cake

Hot chocolate crescent rolls

Salted caramel hot chocolate ice cream

Hot chocolate tiramisu

Hot cocoa souffle with coffee ice cream

Hot chocolate cheesecake dip

Mini hot cocoa cookies

Spicy Mexican hot chocolate fudge

Hot chocolate sandwich cookies

Hot cocoa cup cakes

Hot cocoa monkey bread

Hot cocoa cake roll

Hot chocolate cheesecake

Hot chocolate pancakes

Hot chocolate pudding

Hot chocolate brownies

What are your favorite hot chocolate recipes?

Stuffing Fruits and Vegetables

Earlier this week I shared stuffed bread and sweet treat recipes, today we’re taking a look at stuffed fruits and vegetables!


Stuffed mushrooms

Garlic and Parmesan stuffed mushrooms

Crab stuffed mushrooms

Mozzarella stuffed portobellos

Bacon stuffed mushrooms

Sausage stuffed mushrooms

Stuffing stuffed mushrooms

Stuffed jalapenos

Stuffed peppers

Mini stuffed peppers

Sausage and rice stuffed peppers

Orzo stuffed peppers with feta and mint

Farro stuffed peppers

Sweet peppers stuffed with applewood bacon risotto

Peppers stuffed with quinoa and spinach

Barley stuffed peppers

Creamy stuffed peppers

Stuffed tomatoes

Stuffed BLT salad

Stuffed cherry tomatoes

Stuffed tomatoes in puff pastry

Stuffed pumpkin

Vegan wild rice stuffed butternut squash

Stuffed acorn squash

Crispy squash blossoms filled with pulled pork and ricotta

Stuffed eggplant

Stuffed eggplant Parmesan

Stuffed artichokes

Cheese souffle filled artichokes

Savory stuffed sweet potatoes

Stuffed spuds

Stuffed cabbage rolls


Stuffed apples

Filled strawberries

Stuffed blood oranges

Cheescake stuffed peaches

Fruit filled wontons

What are your favorite ways to fill fruits and vegetables?

Stuffed Breads and Sweet Treats

This week we’re going to look at some stuffed recipes.  Today we’re going to start with breads and sweet stuffed treats, and later in the week we’ll look at stuffed fruits and vegetables.


Stuffed buns (pirozhki)

Stuffed pizza

Stuffed pretzel bites

Stuffed breakfast crescent

Apple stuffed pancakes

Spinach filled Lebanese flatbreads

Spicy tomato filled Tunisian flatbreads

Turkey chili hand pies

Jam filled sour cream coffee bread

Creamy bacon filled crescents

Stuffed french toast

Fried black bean filled tortillas

Sweet Treats:

Jelly filled doughnuts

Vanilla cream filled doughnuts

Chocolate filled cupcakes

Mocha filled banana cupcakes

Lemon filled coconut cupcakes

Cream filled cupcakes

Chocolate filled wontons

Fruit filled hand pies

Chocolate filled orange meringues

Raisin nut filled cookies

Baked apple dumplings with caramel nut fillings

Gluten Free:

Sweet and savory filled breads

What’s your favorite stuffed bread or sweet treat?

Plates of Pumpkin

If you’re looking for some last minute recipes with pumpkin for Thanksgiving, I’ve got a great selection for you! From dinners and sides to pies and desserts, let’s cook with pumpkin!

Dinners and sides:

Pumpkin pasta

Roasted pumpkin wedges with sage

Pumpkin stuffed with everything good

Penne with creamy pumpkin sauce

Harvest pumpkin soup

Pumpkin baked ziti


Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin praline mini pies

Mini pumpkin whoopie pies

Pumpkin icebox pie

Pumpkin coconut pie

Breads, doughnuts, muffins and scones:

Pumpkin bread

Harvest pumpkin scones

Pumpkin challah

Pumpkin muffins

Pumpkin cornmeal doughnuts

Pumpkin bread pudding

Cake and cake bars:

Pumpkin cake bars with cream cheese frosting

Pumpkin spice cake

Pumpkin cheesecake with gingersnap crust

Pumpkin chocolate chip cake

Pumpkin cheesecake crunch bites

Pumpkin dump cake

Pumpkin cake pops

Other Treats:

Pumpkin cream cheese danish

Pumpkin pancakes

Pumpkin flan

Pumpkin mousse

Sweet pumpkin and maple custard

Roasted pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin oatmeal

Pecan pumpkin crunch

Pumpkin thumbprint cookies

Pumpkin spice buns

Gluten Free or Vegan:

Gluten free pumpkin cake

Gluten free pumpkin cake bars

Gluten free pumpkin bread

Vegan pumpkin pie

What’s your favorite pumpkin recipe?

Crafting Thanksgiving

Today we’re getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with some fun craft and decoration ideas!


Foam turkey stick

Pom pom turkeys

Colorful paper turkey place cards

Turkey trivia place card

Multi-fold Thanksgiving turkey greeting card

Country style Thanksgiving turkey greeting card

Turkey pillow

Pinecone turkeys

Turkey napkin ring

Decorations and Tableware:

Chenille pumpkins

Copper base wine glasses

Metallic glass candlesticks

Thanksgiving place mats

Dyed corn husks

Harvest corn husk dolls

Finger puppet favors

Corkboard leaf trivets

Fan folded leaves

Thankful pumpkin pillow

Leaf lanterns with wax paper

Signs, garlands, banners and wreaths:

‘Grateful’ leaf banner sign

‘Gather’ leaf wreath

3D paper pumpkin place cards

Thanksgiving pie garland

‘Thankful Heart’ wreath

‘Welcome’ canvas with autumn leaves

‘Gather Together’ sign

How are you decorating and crafting this Thanksgiving?

Start with Stuffing

We’re starting this year’s look at the holiday of Thanksgiving with stuffing or dressing recipes.

Fennel and sausage stuffing

Sausage and pear stuffing

Sausage and apple stuffing

Apple stuffing

Mushroom stuffing

Mushroom and walnut stuffing

Smoked oyster and bacon stuffing

Oyster brioche stuffing

Brioche stuffing

Chestnut stuffing

Chestnut and watercress stuffing

Chestnut and apple stuffing

Cornbread stuffing

Cranberry, orange and cornbread stuffing

Spicy cornbread stuffing

Pomegranate cornbread stuffing

Prune, pear, sourdough and cornbread stuffing

Sourdough stuffing

Mussel and shallot stuffing

Herbed cracker stuffing

Healthy harvest stuffing

Autumn harvest stuffing

Wine infused stuffing

Garlic and rosemary dressing

Apricot and pecan stuffing

Cranberry walnut stuffing

Fruit and pecan stuffing

Paella style stuffing

Gluten Free:

Wild rice stuffing

Harvest rice stuffing

Gluten free stuffing and simple gravy

What’s your favorite stuffing or dressing recipe?