Summer Cooking

Today we’re taking a look at some of the yummy recipes you may want to try this weekend and this summer on the grill with friends!


Barbecue baked beans

White beans with peppers

Hot and spicy hush puppies

Skillet cornbread

Glazes, Sauces and More:

Easy BBQ glaze

Quick BBQ sauce

Barbecue rub

Salsa barbecue sauce

Spicy mango barbecue sauce

Memphis style barbecue sauce

Peach and bourbon barbecue sauce

Chipotle molasses barbecue sauce

Kansas City barbecue sauce

Chicago steakhouse sauce

Peach mustard BBQ sauce

Chile coffee BBQ sauce

Sliders, Burgers and Buns:

Cheese burger buns

Basic burger buns

Pretzel sandwich buns

Blue cheese stuffed burger

Cheese stuffed burger

Cedar planked burgers

Veggie patties

Tuna burgers with tapenade aioli

Tangy meatloaf burgers

Wild mushroom cheddar burger

Southwest turkey burger


Barbecued chicken tenders

Brown sugar barbecue chicken drumettes

Barbecued chicken wings

Wings of fire

Peachy barbecue chicken

Honey sriracha grilled chicken thighs

Asian barbecued chicken

Barbecued Chinese chicken lettuce wrap

BBQ chicken kabobs with potatoes and summer squash


Barbecued oysters

Slow roasted salmon with green sauce

Easy barbecue shrimp

Louisiana barbecued shrimp

Nantucket swordfish with browned butter sauteed pecans

Barbecued catfish

Spicy barbecued shrimp skewers

Barbecued salmon with corn relish


Barbecued pork and apple kebabs

Molasses glazed grilled pork loin

Pulled pork with strawberry BBQ sauce

Beer braised BBQ pork butt

Oklahoma Joe’s pulled pork

Glazed pork belly with ginger barbecue sauce

Ribs and chops:

Honey chipotle glazed ribs

Easy barbecued spare ribs

Red chile lamb chops

Ribs with Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce

Sweet and spicy BBQ ribs

Texas cowboy style ribs

Apricot chipotle pork ribs

Baby back ribs with plum BBQ sauce

What are your favorite BBQ recipes?

Lots of Lamb

Today we’re taking a look at a meat that not everyone enjoys but when prepared well can bring some fresh options to the dinner table: lamb.  Coming up later this week we’ll take a look at some BBQ recipes you can try for Memorial Day or the coming summer too.

Northern Indian lamb meatballs

Lamb burgers

Lamb burger with yogurt sauce

Lam pita pizzas

Individual lamb pies

Smoky lamb gyros

Greek lamb wraps

Lamb and goat cheese strudel

Brown rice risotto with lamb

Moroccan lamb

Lamb curry

Lamb and squash tagine

Eggplant and lamb al forno

Lamb and white bean salad

Irish lamb stew

Lamb stuffed portobellos

Turkish rice soup with lamb

Lentil and lamb soup

Lamb and orzo soup with spinach

Parmesan herb lamb chops

Mongolian lamb chops

Red chili lamb chops

Tuscan lamb chop skillet

Lamb kabobs

Rack of lamb

Lamb with rosemary and port

Crown roast of lamb

Spicy sticky lamb chops

Classic rosemary lamb

What do you like to cook with lamb?

Hummus Helpings

Today we’re creating and cooking with hummus. What is hummus?  The most traditional version consists of made from cooked, mashed chickpeas or other beans, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic.

Hummus recipes:


Simple hummus (5 ingredient)

White bean hummus

White bean hummus with kalamata

Herbed hummus

Guacamole hummus

Sweet potato hummus

Edamame hummus

Creamy hummus dressing

Red lentil hummus

Roasted beet and white bean hummus

Curried lentil hummus

Spiced up hummus

Lemon sesame and garlic hummus

Black bean hummus

Roasted red pepper hummus

Recipes with Hummus:

Spinach and garlic pita

Hummus vegetable sandwich

Greek salad club

Carrot, apple and hummus wrap

Red pepper hummus wraps with avocado and cheddar cheese

Tuna and hummus wraps

Hummus bread

Stuffed peppers with wild rice and hummus

Stuffed mushrooms with lemon pea hummus

Mediterranean nachos

Hummus crusted chicken

Paprika shrimp with hummus and mint

Do you enjoy hummus? 

Working for Whiskey

Today we’re taking a look at one of those iconic drinks: whiskey.  With drinks at the ready and a few snacks too let’s celebrate whiskey.


Whiskey sours

Whiskey lemonade

Tennessee cherry cocktail

Maple concord

Dublin eggnog

Whiskey spiked peach iced tea

Whiskey cranberry slushes

Whiskey and jasmine green tea chillers

Birch whisky snow cocktail


Whiskey braised apple sauce

Whiskey glazed carrots

Whiskey mustard marinade

Whiskey barrel burgers

Cowboy steak and whiskey butter

Brown sugar whiskey glazed ham

Coddled pears with whiskey

Bread pudding with whiskey sauce

New Orleans style bread pudding with whiskey sauce

Chocolate whiskey ice cream

Whiskey fudge cake

Strawberry rhubarb Irish crumble with Irish whiskey butter

Apple oatmeal crisp with Irish whiskey cream

What do you enjoy about whiskey?

Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo.  It’s a great opportunity to eat some Mexican, play with a pinata, and take a siesta!!  Here are some recipes so you can continue the celebration all weekend long.



Telera rolls

Tamale pie

Mexican frittata

Breakfast mingas

Mexican pizza with chorizo

Cod and potato stew

Shrimp ceviche tostada with fennel and grapefruit

Mexican shrimp salad

Chicken and tortilla soup

Picadillo style chicken taco salad

Jalapeno peach wonton poppers

Baked tilapia veracruz

Spicy buffalo tacos

Pork empanadas with jicama and pico de gallo

Crispy chicken mini tacos

Garlicky guacamole



Quesadilla coffeecake

Tres leches cake

Mexican snowballs

Cinnamon spiced chocolate brownies

Mexican chocolate pudding

Baked apples with Mexican chocolate

Apple pie chimichangas

Churro ice cream sandwiches

Double feature cupcakes with Mexican hot chocolate frosting

Sopapillas with chocolate sauce



Mexican hot chocolate

Mango margarita

Classic margarita

Passion fruit margarita

Pomegranate margarita

Jalapeno margarita

Pineapple chili margaritas

Acai margaritas

What are your favorite Mexican and Mexican inspired recipes?

Awesome Avocados

As we think ahead to Cinco De Mayo, today I’ve got recipes you can make with avocados.

Chicken tomatillo tortillas

Avocado enchiladas

Avocado feta and cabbage wraps

Shrimp and avocado ceviche

Shrimp and avocado skewers

Turkey avocado and strawberry sandwiches

Tomato avocado toasts

Spiced avocado sandwich

Avocado vegetable pitas

Shrimp avocado hoagies

Avocado fries

Avocado rolls

Avocado deviled eggs

Avocado salad

Tomato, corn and avocado salad

Orange and avocado salad

Greek quinoa and avocados

Avocado gelato

Avocado mousse

Avocado smoothie

Avocado soup

Avocado dressing

Avocado and white bean dip

Lemon tuna and avocado snack

Chocolate avocado mousse

Avocado pie

What are your favorite ways to eat avocados?