Touchdown Treats

Another Superbowl is upon us and I’m excited to gather ’round for some game day fun and treats.  Most people think about the food, so we’ve got lots of yummy snacks, but for those who don’t enjoy the game (or the halftime show) there are some other ideas too.

Snacks and Stuffers

Mini ham, cheddar and apple paninis

Cheese cracker crusted chicken tenders

Easy egg rolls

Buffalo chicken pizza

Beef and cheese hush puppies

Maryland crabcakes

Waka Waka salad

Cioppino with sourdough croutons

Soft pretzels

Mini football subs

Pimiento cheese burgers

30 minute chili

Meaty meat-less chili

Spicy sweet glazed shrimp

Spicy sweet chicken wings

Tequila lime wings

Caribbean chicken wings

Sweet and spicy peanuts

Clam and corn chowder

Spinach dip bread bowl

Chili cheese and beer dip

Hot pizza dip

Super spicy super bowl

Desserts and Drinks

Tequila bars

Fudgy football brownies

Football cookies

Grasshopper cake

Brownie and peanut butter ice cream sandwiches

Touchdown treat football cupcakes

Tailgate cupcakes

Strawberry margarita cheesecake minis

Pineapple cream cheese cake

Frozen neapolitans

Southern comfort punch

Tailgating sangria

The aloha shandy

Honey ginger limeade

Crafts and Fun

Football field runner and football coasters

Wall football

Pencil goalpost game

Gear for the game


Share your snacks and Superbowl picks in the comments!

Souper Soup

Who doesn’t like a good cup of soup when it’s 20 degrees out?  Try some of these yummy recipes out with your family:

Creamy mushroom and chicken


Black bean

Chicken soup with mini meatballs

Tortellini vegetable

Vermont cheddar

Tortilla with black beans

15 minute lentil

Acorn squash

Winter vegetable


Mushroom barley


Beef barley

Healthy broccoli cheddar

Hot-and-sour seafood

White bean-chard

French 3 onion

Curried chicken and rice


Asian turkey and rice

Teriyaki beef-noodle

Buffalo chicken

Creamy potato

Chicken noodle with ginger

Spring vegetable

What are your favorite soups?


Yes, today I’m thinking about all the snow related things you can do without ever leaving your home or actually getting any snow.


Snowman treat jar

Mr. and Mrs. snowman

Snowman button magnets

Wintry shimmer wreath

Table scene snowman

Snow photo frame

Snowman fence

Snowman thermometer

Wax snowflakes

Pipe cleaner snowflakes

Bottle-able snowmen

Build your own snowman card

Snow clan

Roly-poly penguin

Critters that keep out the cold

Sugar cube igloo (yes, sugar cubes are on

Snowman garland

Frosty the doorstop

Sock snowfolk

Snowman coaster

Felted snowman

Snowman canister covers

Bundled up snow family

Snowman snow gauge

Snowman bucket

Snowman table runner

Pinecone bird feeder

Embellished boots

Pine cone penguins

Knit add-ons

Chickadee scrapbook page

Winter scrapbook page


Snowmen cupcakes

Snowflake quesadillas

Polar bear cubcakes

Chocolate covered snow peaks

And if you need to warm up after playing in the cold stuff, try these warm winter drinks.

Share your favorite snow themed crafts and recipes in the comments below too!

Totally Tea

January is Hot Tea month.  Of course I’m a huge fan of tea, its one of my favorite things to drink!  Today we’ve got a collection of drink recipes as well as food recipes that use tea in them.


Ginger pear tea

Lowfat green tea, honey and nutmeg smoothies

Ginger tea

Spiced tea

Chai Latte

Orange spice hot mulled wine


Grilled fruit with spiced chai syrup

Souffle pancake with apple pear compote

Sweet tea brined fried chicken

Spice tea breakfast bread pudding

Tea poached salmon

Jasmine tea rice

Little sitcky toffee puddings

Grilled green tea chicken and peaches

Moroccan lentil stew

Chamomile braised chicken

Caramel apple crunch muffins

Cream tea scones

Brown scones with walnuts and golden raisins

Fruited tea buns

Gluten-free ginger oatmeal muffins

What do you love most about tea?

New Year, Fresh You

Happy New Year!  I’m so excited for this new year, I’ve got lots of great things planned!  You’ll be seeing some changes roll out over the next few weeks (hopefully sooner rather than later), changes that will help me better help you and hopefully help us both enjoy life and improve our lives.  Today though I thought I’d share some thoughts on this new year with you.  They’re not resolutions, nor are they really goals, just some creative and heart-felt thoughts.

~A new year doesn’t mean starting over, it can be just a re-start.

~Learning a new skill is a great idea, but sometimes you should just practice the skills you already have.

~Exercise is only as painful as you make it.  Do what you want, just get your body moving.

~Getting organized is about getting rid of stuff, releasing stuff, and putting away that which you actually want and need.

~Life seems to move at the speed of light, so why don’t more of us see the light?

~Listen to your heart and body.  They know you better than you think you do.

~Spend time in nature daily, you’ll be re-inspired and feel better too.

~Keep it simple.  No one likes or needs complicated things.

~Don’t be afraid of change, only of the rest of the world changing and leaving you behind.

~Create intentionally.  Mistakes aren’t mistakes if you’re intentionally creating new and different things.

What are you going to do with this new year?