Pig Perfect

If you didn’t know, this year according to the Chinese Zodiac is the year of the pig.  In thinking about this and spring, today I thought we’d take a look at some pig inspired crafts.

Paper bag pig

Felted stuffed pig

Pink leather piggy coin purse

Washcloth pig puppet

Piggy (bottle) bank

Wood and metal pig decoration

Cochinitos de Jenibre (pig shaped cookies)

Pig plant pot

Easy origami pig face

Pig rock magnet

Pig corner bookmarks

Pompom pig

Craft stick pig

Craft stick pig #2

Pig finger puppet

Chocolate pretzel pig

This little piggy bread

Clothespin pig magnet

Pig bean bag

Plastic egg pig

Pig pen topper

No-spill pig watering can

What are your ideas for crafting with pigs?

Lots of Lemon to Love

I’m not happy that spring is dragging its feet on showing up this year.  Hopefully it means that there will be a very decisive end to winter and we’ll just be thrust into spring without any thought of turning back or wavering between the two.  In hopes of encouraging spring to show up I thought we’d take a look at some sweet and tangy lemon recipes.


Braided lemon bread

Lemon puff pancake

Lemon ricotta pancakes with lemon curd and fresh raspberries

Lemon love buns

Lemon focaccia

Lemon crepes

Lemon rosemary potato rolls


Lemon chicken

Lemon potatoes

Lemon spinach

Lemon risotto

Lemon chicken

Lemon capellini

Lemon fusilli with arugula

Lemon herb rice salad

Greek lemon chicken soup

Lemon garlic shrimp and grits


Lemon bliss cake

Lemon chess pie

Lemon almond biscotti

Lemon snowball cookies

Lemon meringue cupcakes

Lemon cookies

Lemon parfait

Lemon mousse

Lemon shortbread

Lemon souffles

Lemon sponge pie

Lemon blossoms

Lemon bars

Gluten free lemon squares


Lemon shandies

Lemon sparklers

Basil lemon drop

Lemon drop

What are your favorite lemon recipes?

A Rainbow Celebration

With St. Patrick’s Day next Sunday, today I thought we’d take a look at some crafts and treats inspired by something that’s central to the leprechaun legend, the rainbow.

Crafting and Decorating:

Rainbow scarf

Rainbow applique shirt

Craft Batik rainbow aprons

Party shoes with rainbow tassles

Rainbow ombre sneakers

Rainbow button bracelet

Rainbow quilt

Rainbow showers quilt

Rainbow jelly roll quilt

Rainbow pop-up card

Ribbon rainbow ‘be happy’ greeting card

Panted rainbow card made with q-tips

Rainbow balloon arch

Rainbow pallet flower garden planter

Rainbow slime

Rainbow cake mason jar leprechaun trap

Rainbow crochet stuffed unicorn

Crochet rainbow mobile

Rainbow cup cozy

Rainbow magic wand


Food Fun:

Rainbow frosted cupcakes

Rainbow candy center cupcakes

Pot-of-gold cupcakes

Rainbow swirl cupcakes

Rainbow cookie

End of the rainbow cookies

Rainbow rosette cake

Rainbow layer cake

Pinwheel double rainbow cake

Rainbow tart

Rainbow gelatin

Rainbow pretzel wands

Rainbow salad in a jar

Rainbow fruit and yogurt parfait

How do you celebrate rainbows?

Ready with Ravioli

Today as we get ready for more snow I thought we’d take a look at a warm and comforting ingredient: ravioli.  It’s a great ingredient to add to recipes and it’s also a really customizable pasta that helps you incorporate lots of variety in the same small package.

Ravioli recipes:

Savory pumpkin

Crab with citrus sauce

Chocolate ravioli

Asparagus and ricotta

Lobster with lobster vinaigrette

Swiss chard

Oyster, mushroom and chard

Short rib

Red pepper and herb

Kale and ricotta

Beet ravioli stuffed with ricotta, goat cheese and mint

Fried ravioli

Veal ravioli

Spinach pesto

Four cheese with herb pesto

Bacon with mushrooms

Chicken marsala

Cheesy beef

Chicken ravioli with marsala reduction

Recipes featuring ravioli:

Ravioli and snap peas

Wild mushroom ravioli skillet lasagna

Skillet chicken and ravioli

Ravioli and vegetable soup

Ravioli with sage and walnut butter

Ravioli with spicy sage butter

Mushroom and beef ravioli soup

Rosemary and ravioli chicken soup

What are your favorite ravioli recipes?