Lots of Lemon to Love

I’m not happy that spring is dragging its feet on showing up this year.  Hopefully it means that there will be a very decisive end to winter and we’ll just be thrust into spring without any thought of turning back or wavering between the two.  In hopes of encouraging spring to show up I thought we’d take a look at some sweet and tangy lemon recipes.


Braided lemon bread

Lemon puff pancake

Lemon ricotta pancakes with lemon curd and fresh raspberries

Lemon love buns

Lemon focaccia

Lemon crepes

Lemon rosemary potato rolls


Lemon chicken

Lemon potatoes

Lemon spinach

Lemon risotto

Lemon chicken

Lemon capellini

Lemon fusilli with arugula

Lemon herb rice salad

Greek lemon chicken soup

Lemon garlic shrimp and grits


Lemon bliss cake

Lemon chess pie

Lemon almond biscotti

Lemon snowball cookies

Lemon meringue cupcakes

Lemon cookies

Lemon parfait

Lemon mousse

Lemon shortbread

Lemon souffles

Lemon sponge pie

Lemon blossoms

Lemon bars

Gluten free lemon squares


Lemon shandies

Lemon sparklers

Basil lemon drop

Lemon drop

What are your favorite lemon recipes?

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