Moon and Stars Magic

This week we celebrated the anniversary of the first moon landing on July 20, 1969, so today I thought we’d take a look at some celestial inspired decorations and crafts, and a couple of treats too.

Art and decorations:

‘Reach for the Stars’ plaque

Phases of the moon wall art

Galaxy star

Star tree

Winter star garland

Shooting star wall art

Astrology sign wood disc

Illuminated zodiac constellation wall art

Galaxy terra firma luminaria

Moon phases wall hanging

Button moon collage

Moon dreamcatcher

CD mosaic moon

Constellation lit jar


Star shaped crochet blanket

Crochet blanket with stars

Star pillows

Star crossed afghan

Embroidered zodiac pillow

For the kids:

Moon and star fairy tale finger puppets

White moon pinata

Multi-hued moon pinata

Children’s moon and stars banner

Constellation flashlight disks

Star ribbon wand

Star shaped glitter crayons

Even more:

Galaxy necklace

Spray dye galaxy t-shirt

Celestial necklace


Galaxy moon pops

Galaxy bark

Stars and moon cake

Linzer stars

How do you celebrate the moon and stars and all things celestial?

Bringing Nature Indoors

Earth Day was on Monday, and while it’s a celebration and call to action for the world we share and live on, the fact is we do spend a lot of time indoors.  So today I thought I’d share some ways to bring some of nature into our homes, or celebrate nature in our homes.

Go Natural:

Hanging geometric planter

Floral pickup truck planter

Chic twig planter

Hanging, hooked plant holder

Wood hanger with 3 planters

Buttoned plant sling

Plant stand

Wood plant stand

Polka-dotted tiered planter

Chandelier planter

Faceted gem flower pots

Miniature shell-potted succulents

Drawer planters

8 glass bottle vase in a wood frame

Succulent book ends

Nature Inspired:

Cactus pillow

Lily of the valley pillow

Hanging planter string art

Hello daisy card

Spring sensory bottle

Flower wreath

Beautiful day spring wall sign

How are you celebrating and decorating with spring?

Pinecone Picks

As we finish up the autumn season and holidays and head into the December and winter ones I thought we’d finish the season up with some pinecone crafts.

Wreaths and Garlands:

Christmas chandelier wreath with pinecones

Painted pinecone flower wreath

Rustic Christmas wreath with pinecones

Pinecone wreath

Pinecone tabletop wreath

Snowy pinecone wreath

Star wreath with pinecones and baubles

Pinecone and cranberry garland

Pinecone and pom-pom garland


Pinecone cakes

Pinecone Friends:

Pinecone penguin

Pinecone elves

Pinecone mouse

Pinecone cardinal

Pinecone turkey

Pinecone people

Pinecone gnomes

Pinecone fox

Upgraded Pinecones:

Gilded pinecones

Scented pinecones

Felt pinecones

Ombre pinecones

Pinecone firestarters

Bleached pinecones

Cinnamon scented pinecones

Other Fun Crafts and Decorations:

Pinecone bird feeder

Pinecone village

Pinecone stocking

Lighted pinecone arrangement

Pinecone ornament

Pinecone place card

Pinecone hurricane vase

Pinecone napkin holder

Glittered pinecone gift topper

Pinecone tie backs

Pinecone table runner

Pinecone topiary

Pinecone holiday bag

What are your favorite ways to decorate with pinecones?

A Green Christmas

I’m a little nervous and a little excited how quickly it seems that Christmas has appeared!  With all the trees and wreaths I’ve been seeing I thought I’d share some fun wreath, tree and greenery inspired crafts and creations with you today.


Shatterproof ornament wreath

Ornament wreath chandelier

Wreath and fireplace door decoration

Cozy lodge open frame wreath

Christmas ornament wreath

Christmas mesh wreath

Whimsy white Christmas wreath

Christmas wood initial grapevine wreath

Red and white wreath

Red pinecone wreath

Straw star wreath

Cedar wreath chandelier

Gingerbread man wreath

Ornament pipe cleaner wreath

Jingle bell holiday wreath card

Trees, Garland and Mantels:

Mesh and greens embellished mantle

Traditional paper pinwheel trees

Floral mantel garland

Paint and glitter paper mache trees

Mason jar seedling planter

Shimmering stacked trees

Felt tree bottle cover

Feather Christmas tree

Light string tree

Tabletop Christmas tree

Embroidered fabric Christmas tree

Even more fun ideas:

Kissing ball

Nature ornaments

Evergreen bobeches

Holiday flower arrangement

How do you decorate with wreaths, trees and other Christmas greens?

Green Gardening

With Earth Day this week today I’ve got some garden thoughts and projects for you.  This week there’s a little more reading than usual, but lots of projects as well.

Garden stools

Garden bucket organizer

Rubberizing garden tools

Gardeners apron

Summer straw hat

Garden tools

Garden raised beds

Quick garden hoop

Waterfall fountain

Hydroponic gardening

Organic gardening

DIY outdoor projects

What outdoor projects are you planning this spring?