Very Creative Valentines

Friday we celebrate love again, so today I’ve got some crafty and creative ideas to start your gifting off with. Thursday I’ll share recipes to make your day special!

Crafts and Decorations:

Sticky hands, warm hearts

Heart string

Window heart

Candy box

Crayon hearts

Love beads

Papercut hearts

Heart-felt bag

Be still my heart T-shirt

Crafty heart T-shirt

Lace heart T-shirt

Shrinky Dink heart charm bracelet




Paw prints in the snow

Glitter heart

21 more ideas

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Lotsa Love

Yes, Valentine’s Day is just a few days away!  Prepare to celebrate your love with these fun crafts and delicious treats.

Crafts and Gifts:

Sweetheart roses

Valentine pencil toppers


Curtain of hearts

Puzzle pin

Knot bracelet

Valentine treat cups

Photo montage

Valentine’s Day wheel

Simple Valentine’s Day card

Be my Valentine mobile and decoration

Origami heart card

Crafty heart t-shirt

Show me the chocolate t-shirt

“You’re hot” card

Fluttering heart wreath


Creamy fudge hearts

Raspberry almond financiers

Raspberry chocolate parfaits

Raspberry tarts

Brownie heart cupcake

Bourbon currant cookies

No-bake truffle treats

Raspberry eclairs

Lovebug cookies

Mini chocolate and yogurt parfaits

Raspberry tiramisu

Individual brownie trifles

Chocolate martini

How are you celebrating love this year? Share your ideas in the comments!

Inspirational Spirituals

“Swing low, sweet chariot,
Coming for to carry me home
Swing low, sweet chariot,
Coming for to carry me home

I looked over Jordan, and I what did I see
Coming for to carry me home?
A band of angels coming after me
Coming for to carry me home

If you get there before I do
Coming for to carry me home
Tell all my friends I coming too
Coming for to carry me home

I’m sometimes up, I’m sometimes down
Coming for to carry me home
But still my soul feels heavenly bound
Coming for to carry me home”

I grew up hearing this and some of the other famous spirituals, both those from the slave years and the years of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Each time I hear this song, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, or another like it, I’m reminded of the past, both mine and that of African Americans.  This month as we’re celebrating Black History, I wanted to take a moment to honor the creative souls who came up with these songs.

This song reveals a lot about creativity, both in words and in creation.  Let’s see how creativity unites us all:

First, the only colors creativity sees are the ones used in words or artistry. It isn’t a “picker” of persons, and anyone can be creative, no matter what you look like or who you are.

Second, much of creativity does have to do with that “something bigger” many of us feel in life.  Whether you call it God, Being, Abba, or something else, creativity often is used to both display and understand what we’re all doing here, and who we are.

Third, creativity connects people.  It doesn’t matter if you were alive when David was carved, the Pyramids were built, rock music was born or tapestries were woven, just by witnessing these things you too can connect with the artist.

Finally, love what you do regardless of the recognition.  Those who sang the spirituals initially weren’t recognized as master singers or writers in their day, and many artists are never truly recognized for their potential.  That doesn’t make what you’re creating any less important.

If you’re a creative person, keep creating, the world is just waiting for your work.  If you’re less artistically talented, don’t let that worry you, you can do your part to spread the beauty of creativity too.  Tell a friend about something creative or thank an artist today!

Friends with Love

Today for Feature Friday I’m featuring some of my favorite Feature Friday friend’s valentine designs.

Michelle Lisa Mosaics: light switch cover, lamp.

Finding Charm: earrings, necklace, bracelet, earring set, anklet.

Color Bakery: Hearts of art pin

Kreative Notions: I found love journal, be mine valentine’s

SwtTsCrafts: friend love, wood storage box.

Faerymoongoddess: love flies free earrings

Debra’s Designs: mother of pearl bracelet, love pendant.

Origami Spirit: keep the romance alive

Yesterday’s Trash Art: loving cookies with icing

BluKatDesign: earrings, statement necklace.

More Than Colors: love stained glass sign, I fancy you stained glass heart.

HoneyBeeAffairs: patriotic crocheted coasters, crocheted washcloths.

HockmanGirl: gunmetal locket, diamond heart earrings.

Bent & Twisted Creations: heart bookmark

GaelicForge: stone pendant

GardenVibe: blossoming love earrings, warming to you earrings.

Juergen Roth: love me tender photo, pink orchid photo.

S S Soap: lavender, strawberry banana, bath bombs.

Jewelry by Debby Designs: silver heart cabachon, red and white love earrings, smooth white earrings.

Ginalimosaics: valentine’s sea glass decoration, stained glass heart necklace, heart locket.

Thank you to my creative friends for their beautiful work!  If you’d like to be featured on Feature Friday, contact me here or let me know below.


Ready for Love Recipes

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away!  Hopefully you’ve started making plans for yourself or your partner already, but if not here are some dessert, breakfast and dinner ideas to inspire some love.


Chocolate: crunchy nut clusters, chocolate midnight pie, choco mallow, chocolate clusters, chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate nuggets, chocolate intemperance, caramel chocolate seduction, chocolate valentine hearts, molten mocha cakes, magic brownies, chocolate pots de creme, chocolate souffle with red berry cream.

Cake & Pie: cherry cheesecake, cherry pie, NY cheesecake, cinnamon and carrot cake cupcakes, molten white chocolate cupcakes,

Cookies and more: lovin, lemony love potion, creme brule, raspberry tarts, lovin spoonfuls, heart tarts, coeur a la creme, happy hearts.


Heart pancakes

Heart shaped eggs and toast

Cranberry sweetheart scones

Pomegranate ginger sparklers

Pancakes with maple raspberry sauce

French toast with orange cardamom sauce

Chocolate strawberry stuffed french toast

Pomegranate muffins

Cinnamon buns

Lemon love buns

Berry parfaits

Berry mimosa mocktail

Strawberry salad with balsamic cardamom dressing


Lobster salad with tarragon citrus dressing

Artichoke, asparagus, asiago pizzas

Valentine pizza

Shrimp scampi with linguini

Hasselback potatoes

What are you planning for Valentine’s Day?  Share your suggestions below.

Crafted with Love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  I’ve been seeing some great love-themed creations by my Feature Friday friends and will be sharing some of them this Friday.  But today I’ve got a collection of some fun crafts and activities for your Valentine fun!

Caped cute sader

Adoily-able t-shirt

Warm hearts

Love beads

Stained glass hearts

Heart pins and magnets

Critter cards

Marbelized valentine

More fun with marbles

Valentine treat cups

Hearts and blocks valentines

Heart shaped soap

Scratch off valentine cards

Hearts and quilts

Valentine’s card carrier ideas

What will you be creating this Valentine’s Day with love?

Creating for Health

January is “stay healthy month” and I believe that creativity is intertwined with health and that it’s impossible to be healthy without a good dose of creativity.  So let’s talk about what it means to be creatively healthy.

You don’t have to like yoga, you might prefer biking or pole dancing.  The important thing is that you find what works for you and you’re excited to do at least one day a week.  Food is one of my favorite ways to be creative (as you can tell from my blog posts), and its one of the things that Americans need to work on: creating food that’s good for the body as well as appetizing.  Don’t be afraid to get creative and try new foods and recipes!

There are tons of things coming at us from all directions that aim to “break us” mentally, and many of those things (like hurtful words) do a good job getting in.  You have to know what’s right for you, and who should or shouldn’t be in your life.  You don’t have to be with people who make it their life mission to tear you up, there are tons of great people in the world.

Personally I think that life is so much fuller when you’re living and working for a bigger purpose.  Just like with creativity, spirituality is something that is lived on both an individual and a group level.  I don’t grow spiritually the same way you do, nor should I; just like we don’t both create in the exact same way.

I believe that creativity and doing creative things is essential to having good emotional (and mental) health.  Creativity has this magic way of opening us up to receive new things and gives us an opportunity to be free in ways that we usually can’t express ourselves.

It all comes down to one thing: find what works for you!  Maybe you were lucky and your first creation turned into a best (multimillion dollar) seller, but that’s not how it worked for most of us.  Just as you put energy and time into your creating, I encourage you to put some energy and time into making healthy choices that fit you and your life this year.

What one area do you need to work on most?