Congratulations Graduate

It’s that time of year when we’re moving off to bigger and hopefully better things, graduation.  So today I thought we’d take a look at some ways to commemorate and celebrate that graduate and their hard work.

Crafts and Decorations:

Graduation cap party card box

‘Let The Adventure Begin’ shadow box

Metal stamped graduation keychain

Graduation cap centerpiece

Personalized picture graduation wreath

Chalkboard tassle picture frame

Origami money graduation cap and tassel

‘Glad to be a grad’ card

Graduation owl

Graduation bear

Graduation bookworm

Graduation cap cupcake stand

Bottle top graduation cap


Chocolate dipped pretzel graduates

Lolly pop graduation favors

Candy cup graduation caps

Graduation s’mores pops

Chocolate hazelnut crepe diplomas

School colors chocolate covered Oreos

Graduation peanut butter cup push pops

Are you celebrating a graduation this year?

Food to Fuel School

Today we’re taking a look at some ready-for-school recipes. These are recipes that can help you and/or your kids get ready for the day, some school-approved (no peanut butter) snacks and after school treats!


“Hot chocolate” banana nut oatmeal

Whole grain porridge

Breakfast burrito

Low fat raspberry corn muffins

Berry oatmeal bake

Breakfast cookies

Whole grain pumpkin banana bread

Toaster tarts


Apple cinnamon scones

French toast kebabs

Oatmeal and dried cherry biscuit scones

Allergen free coffee crumb cake

Gluten free morning glory muffins


Taco bar

Rainbow and butterflies pasta salad

Yogurt fruit bars

Banana oatmeal sponge cookies

Scone nibbles

Crunchy roasted chickpeas

Tortilla roll-ups

Pot of gold bento lunch

Broccoli pesto pasta


No bake granola bars

Date nut squares

Banana chocolate chip muffins

Coconut fruit and nut bars

Chocolate coconut graham crackers

Pita nachos

Apple cupcakes

Chocolate banana pops

Bear-y good snack mix

Cinnamon bun bites

Cranberry millet muffins

Gluten free cookie bars

What fun foods are you planning for this school year?

Back To School Story

Around the US kids and adults are returning to another year of school so today we’re taking a look at some school inspired crafts.

DIY stress ball

Homework station

Embroidered craft cups

Desk organizer

Dream desk

Roll up pencil kit

Felt pencil case

Marbleized pencils

Pencil case

Play dough

Mini bubble wand

Non-slip slipper socks

Tie-dye lunch bags

DIY erasers

Pencil holders

Craft stick school bus

Alphabet tote

Cardboard tube desk organizer

Portable first aid kit

Knotted zipper pencil pouch

Even more back to school crafts

What will you be creating this school year?

Teacher Appreciation

School has started and the kids are with new teachers, so today I’ve got a selection of ways to thank the new teacher for what they do, even if you don’t know them and their personal preferences yet (there are tons more personal ideas out there once you do know the teacher, for thank you gifts at the end of the school year).

Felt gift card envelope

Coloring tin

Clipboard with gift card

Paperclip bookmarks

Handy bag

Teacher apple card

Back to school striped mason jar

Notebook paper frame

Pick me up jar

“You’re a lifesaver”

Glitter scissors (everyone will know which scissors belong to the teacher)

Top of the charts

Crayon monogram

And even more ideas

What are you gifting teachers this year?

Back to School Crafting and Creating

We’re in full back to school mode, so today we’ve got creative ideas and projects to help organize your home and show help your kids show their individuality as they go back to school.

Ideas For The Home:

Coat and accessory storage

Dream desk

Mudroom makeover

Magnetic lunch chart

Table with paper scroll

Homemade study center

Sticky note calendar

Loft/bunk bed organizer

Laptop stand for bed

Bringing Fun to School:

Scrapbook pockets

Counting abacus

Embroidered craft cups

Blank art journal

Colored story notebooks

Dip died pencils, stationary and cards

Easy backpack

Roll-up pencil kit

Container magnets

Felt pencil case

DIY pencil pouch

Handmade bookmarks

Confetti pencils

Denim covered pencil can

Stamped pencils

Craft a cute binder

Fabric covered books

DIY galaxy backpack

Colorful bookcovers

Pink eraser USB flash drive

Milk jug lunch box

iPad composition notebook cover

Corner bookmarks

And Even More Ideas:

Even more back to school crafts

Back to school scrapbook ideas

What fun DIY back to school ideas and projects have you tried?

Starting Back to School

Today I’m thinking back to school, so we’ve got some healthy and interesting ideas that you can pack or snack on (they’re good for adults too).  There are also a few ideas for a back to school party too.

Fresh Ideas:

Gluten free pasta

Breakfast cookies

Better boxed lunch

Pretzel pets

Oatmeal bars

Chocolate chunk cookie cupcakes

Magic blondies

Cinnamon tostada

Popcorn balls

Cranberry oat cereal bars

Guava pudding

Chocolate hazelnut rice pudding

Honey nut cereal treats

Strawberry banana cereal treats

Fruity cereal treats

Real fruit rolls

Hot cereal with apple butter and walnuts

Banana blueberry cornmeal muffins

Trail mix cookie cups

Walrus cookie pops

Chocolate zucchini cupcakes

Marshmallow pops

School Inspired Ideas:

Candy crayons

Pretzel crayons

Pencil cupcakes

Apple cookies

Krispy apple treats

Pencil pushers

Apple cupcakes

What are you planning for snacks this fall?

Back to School Bash

Today we’re having a back to school party with some toys, snacks and activities.  If you missed the post last weekend, I shared some projects for getting ready for going back to school.

Felted finger puppets

Origami finger puppets

Paper tops

Pipe cleaner creatures

Make a school bus

Crayon wreath

Hopscotch mat

Back to school bingo game

School bus cake, cupcakes and cookies

Chalkboard cookies

Bake sale treats

What are your back to school party ideas?