Rich Rice Pudding

Today we’re taking a look at the simple yet sweet rice pudding.  Don’t worry, there are some recipes for those of us who are careful what we eat, as well as some varieties I haven’t tried before but just might have to!

Vanilla rice pudding

Brown rice pudding

Chocolate hazelnut rice pudding

Chocolate rice pudding

Honey rice pudding

Jasmine rice pudding

Ginger rice pudding

Meringue topped rice pudding

Vanilla rice pudding with glazed oranges

Creamy orange rice pudding

Rice pudding tarts with blood oranges

Rice pudding with dried apricots

Cardamom and cranberry rice pudding

Creamy rice pudding with caramelized bananas

Coconut rice pudding with raspberries

Coconut rice pudding with mangoes

Rum raisin rice pudding

Rice pudding with macadamia nut topping

Caramelized rice pudding

Caramel rice pudding

Banana rice pudding treats

Autumn parfait

Rockin’ rice pudding

Lightened rice pudding

What are your favorite ways to make rice pudding?

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