Frittata, Strata, Quiche O My!

Yes, today we’re doing a little breakfast round up inspired by the fabulous egg with fritattas, stratas and quiche!  Start your morning off right with a good and healthy breakfast.


Asparagus and cheese

Zucchini frittata

Tomato, scallion and cheddar

Spinach and bacon

Green bean, ham and cheese

Pasta and cheese

Spinach frittata with green salad

Mexican frittata

Breakfast sandwich frittata

Shiitake mushroom and cheese

Apple and cheddar

Veggie frittata

Bacon, potato and kale

Egg white frittata

Frittata bagel sandwich

Valerie’s brunch frittata


Holiday breakfast strata

Zucchini and sausage

Asparagus with sourdough

French toast strata with sausage

Ham and cheese

Sausage and Swiss chard

Baked brie

Spicy sicilian

Hash brown strata

Berry strata

Mexican chorizo strata

Sausage and spinach

Sourdough strata with tomatoes and greens


Mushroom and cheddar

Bacon and cheese

Ham and Swiss

Sausage and potato

Broccoli cheddar

Asparagus, leek and gruyere

Goat cheese with hash brown crust

Swiss chard, mushroom and white cheddar

Herbed with blue cheese

Quiche Lorraine

Tomato, olive and rosemary crust-less quiche

What are your favorite breakfast egg recipes?


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