Spreading Some Holiday Color

What an amazing season to talk about color!  While most of the leaves have fallen away here in the Northeast USA, and turned brown, colors are beginning to pop up all around our homes and communities. Whether you’re big into celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, or another upcoming holiday, do it with color!

Getting creative with single colors:

Just because you want to do an all red, green, silver, gold or white holiday, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring!  Get embellished glass ornaments and decorations to add some pop.  Or try tasseled/swirled glass to add some texture too.  You can also mix and match finishes that are shiny vs matte.  Another option is to mix textures like glass, felt, hard and soft to be consistent with color, but not get bored.

Same color theme, different tones:

This is great if you’re hosting a party and want to use reds (bright red, deep red, burgundy), or golds and browns (gold, hazelnut, brown, bronze).

Traditional vs non-traditional:

Reds, oranges, yellows, and browns are traditional Thanksgiving colors, and whites, reds, and greens are traditional Christmas colors.  Yet many people choose to add gold, silver, and blue to their holiday decorations.  It’s up to you if you’re looking to celebrate with more traditional or with newer, less traditional looks.  Some of the colors that are becoming more traditional, such as silver and gold, definitely add a certain elegance to any design.

Themed celebrations:

Maybe you’re a looking for a country Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Maybe you prefer the big lights and lots of flash of NYC for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Or perhaps you are Pilgrims and Santas all the way.  Whatever your style, there’s a way to celebrate it!

Natural Color:

Using holly, eucalyptus, pine, evergreen, feathers, flowers, branches and other natural, seasonal items can really brighten up your home, and add some fresh color to your decor.

Share your favorite holiday colors, and what you’re planning to do this holiday season to decorate below!


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