Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Today’s post features a collection of some simple, doable Thanksgiving table decorations with both traditional and newer ideas featuring examples from around the internet to get you started thinking about options for your Thanksgiving decorating!

One of the simplest decorations to use are pumpkins.

Another favorite is the cornucopia.

  • Fruit filled (purchase a cornucopia at your local craft store and fill with fresh (or fake) fruits, apples, oranges etc)
  • Vegetable filled (pumpkins, gourds, squash etc)
  • Flower filled

Fall leaves are a simple way to add color and style.

Turkey themed is another creative idea.

Feathers, wheat stems or fall flowers are a great idea too.

  • Simple wheat sheaf centerpiece from Martha
  • Fall branches (those with berries, eucalyptus and other colorful additions)
  • Feathers make an interesting centerpieces
  • Chrysanthemums & other fall flowers

Great post with 33 great ideas

Great post with a bunch of fresh ideas

Share your thoughts and Thanksgiving decorating ideas below!


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