Sing a Thankful Song

Today I am thankful for music. Of course, I am thankful for music everyday, but today I’m going to share a few thoughts on music, thanksgiving and healing.

Music is one of the most amazing gifts we humans have.  It can communicate things we can’t begin to put into words, it expresses colors, details, thoughts, feelings and emotions without words.  Music can create beautiful pictures and inspire listeners.  Music can make or break a moment or movie (think about what would have changed if they played a love song during a fight scene in Fight Club).  Music is wonderful to play, inspiring to listen to and can really transform your life.  Studies have been done that illustrate the importance and benefits of playing music (and to some extent listening to music).  Music does great things for your brain and for your life.

Musical performances typically have thanksgiving built into them.  In other words, after the individual or group is done performing usually there is cheering, applause or some other means of celebrating the music and thanking the musician.  If you have a favorite band or musician, purchasing their music or gear is one way to thank them.  Another way to thank a musician is to donate time, money or resources to a program like VH1’s Save the Music, Ear Candy Charity, or Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation.

Finally, music has many healing properties.  Not only is it healing for the person who plays it, it also has an amazing effect on those who listen to it.  Although everyone has their own favorites, a couple individuals to check out are Mark Romero, David Arkenstone, Brenda MacIntyre, Kay Grace, Marcome and Medwyn Goodall.

Share your favorite musicians, songs and why you are thankful for music below!

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