Let’s Have Hot Chocolate

Today we’re looking at a holiday favorite, hot chocolate!  We’ve got lots of drink ideas as well as some tasty food ideas too.


Homemade hot chocolate with dry milk

Cocoa blocks

Sweetheart cinnamon hot cocoa

Hot chocolate with fresh nutmeg

Malted hot chocolate

Mexican hot chocolate

Spiced hot dark chocolate

White hot chocolate

Nutella hot chocolate

Hazelnut hot cocoa

Peppermint hot chocolate

Cinnamon infused hot chocolate

Toasted marshmallow cream hot chocolate

Cardamom hot chocolate with vanilla bean whipped cream

Milk chocolate and peanut butter hot chocolate

French style hot chocolate

White chocolate hot cocoa with coconut and rum

Raspberry cocoa with chocolate hazelnut cream

Vanilla coffee white hot chocolate

Timberline hot chocolate

Coconut tres leches hot chocolate

Cocoa nib hot chocolate

Hot cocoa almond milk


Triple treat hot chocolate cake

Mexican hot chocolate cake

Frozen hot chocolate

Hot cocoa cookies

Hot cocoa ice pops

Raspberry hot chocolate cupcakes

Hot cocoa brownie cake

Hot chocolate crescent rolls

Salted caramel hot chocolate ice cream

Hot chocolate tiramisu

Hot cocoa souffle with coffee ice cream

Hot chocolate cheesecake dip

Mini hot cocoa cookies

Spicy Mexican hot chocolate fudge

Hot chocolate sandwich cookies

Hot cocoa cup cakes

Hot cocoa monkey bread

Hot cocoa cake roll

Hot chocolate cheesecake

Hot chocolate pancakes

Hot chocolate pudding

Hot chocolate brownies

What are your favorite hot chocolate recipes?

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