Salute the Flag

With Memorial Day just a few days away here in the US today I thought we’d take a look at some fun and festive flag decor and some treats too you can create for your home and weekend celebrations.

Crafts and Fun:

Flag tank top

Celebrate America burlap and flag wreath

Red, white and blue flag photo backdrop

Flag planter

Flag patterned fence swag

Flag pins

Flag serving tray

Flag necklace

Metal flag

Flag and musical tribute

Flag stitchery

Wooden Uncle Sam flag

Uncle Sam pin

Old Glory slate

Flag banner

London Kaye American flag

Wooden flag with compass plaque

USA ribbon flag

Wood flag

Flag afghan

Yarn flag


Flag favors

Flag cake

Wavy flag cake

Flag cookies

Flag cupcakes

What are your favorite flag inspired foods and decorations?

Patriotic Projects

Today I’ve got some patriotic crafts and decorations, as well as some inspired by all the fireworks we see that you can create including some fun activities for the kids to try.

Red, white and blue flag painted wood pallet

Red, white and blue firecracker painting

Red, white and blue floral kissing ball

Patriotic slime

Red, white and blue flag photo backdrop

Patriotic tank top

Patriotic paper wind streamer

Patriotic votives

Balloon fireworks

Red, white and blue garland

Metal American flag

Patriotic angel

Patriotic tote bag

Pallet flag

American flag log candle

Patriotic pillow

Paint stick flag

Making fireworks with straws

Cupcake liner fireworks craft

Fireworks salt painting

Fourth of July games

How are you celebrating?

Celebrating the Red, White and Blue

This Monday in the USA we’re celebrating Independence Day.  Thursday I shared some red, white and blue inspired recipes, today I’m sharing some fun decorations and projects you can try.

Craft stick flag

Stars and stripes grapevine wreath

Patriotic tank top

Stars and stripes crochet coasters

Sparkler wands

Bandana t-shirts

Patriotic bunting

Patriotic votives

Paper wind streamer

Flag log candle

Patriotic shutter

Patriotic clothespin wreath

Pledge of Allegiance patriotic sign

Denim flag wreath

Patriotic paper flowers

Patriotic mason jar luminarias

Patriotic bingo

Red, white and blue tin can luminarias

What will you be making for this 4th of July?

Food For the Red, White and Blue

Coming up on Monday we’re celebrating the 4th of July, also known as Independence Day, here in the US.  To celebrate here are some patriotic recipes to try!

American flag pie

Flag cobbler

Star inside cake

Red, white and blue cherry pies

Fruit tart flag

Crispy treat cheesecake bars

Red, white and blueberry trifle

Start studded berry tarts

Blueberry buttermilk bundt cake

Raspberry watermelon terrine with blueberry sauce

Stars and stripes cupcakes

Red, white and blue cake roll

Red, white and blue stars

Fireworks cookies

Star tart

Red, white and blue parfait

Sprinkle stripe cake

Sparkler cupcakes

Doughnut hole pops

Cheesecake stuffed strawberries

Patriotic fruit pizza

Firework pie fries

Firework cookie cups

Vanilla cabinets with fresh fruit

Red, white and blue smoothies

Firework red, white and blue daiquiris

Firecracker shot

What will you be serving this Fourth?

Hot Dog Helpings

With the 4th of July, Independence Day, this weekend I thought we’d pick up some hot dogs for a BBQ.  So today I’ve got some bun and topping recipes to make your dog extra special.


Poppy seed

New England

Whole wheat




Sweet hot relish

Kimchi relish

Chicago dog

Texas corn dog

Ruben dog

Hawaiian dog

BBQ potato chip crunch

Farmstand slaw

Tangy sweet relish

Chipotle chili cheese

Nacho dog

Spicy cheese sauce

What are your favorite hot dog buns and toppings?

Fourth Fun

Coming up we’ve got July 4th and the celebration of Independence Day here in the USA.  As we’ve talked about freedom this year on the other blogs and social media, it’s an important day for us to recognize and celebrate what freedom means.

Handprint firecracker t-shirt

Sparkler wands

Red, white and blue flag painted wood pallet

Balloon fireworks

Patriotic door medallion

Patio chair place mats

Patriotic lanterns

Patriotic doormat

Paper wind streamer

Fourth of July votives

Red, white and blue ribbon stars

Patriotic baton

Shooting star surprise cookies (video)

30 DIY Fourth of July decorations

24 Fourth of July party ideas

17 Fourth of July crafts

How will you be decorating for and celebrating the 4th?

Hamburger Helping

With Memorial Day this weekend most families and friends are gathering for a BBQ, so today I’m sharing some things you can make with traditional beef hamburger meat.


Blue cheese stuffed

Cheddar stuffed

Stuffed beef

Thin burger

Bacon cheeseburger

Open-faced with mushrooms

Southern style

Mexican hamburgers

Home-ground burgers with bacon, cheese, and fresh thyme

Pepperoni pizza

Teriyaki burger

Texas cheeseburger

BBQ sauced burger

Chorizo chile 

And More:

Spicy pocket pies

Beef and cheddar hand pies

Skewered Greek meatballs

Oven grilled meatloaf sandwich

Cheeseburger pizza

Hamburger and grape tomato pizza

Mexicali hamburger casserole

Sloppy joes

Lighter beef tacos

Beef empanadas

Courtney’s spicy beef

What are your favorite ground beef and hamburger recipes?