Playing with Pillows

In the cooler months we often talk about making blankets and sourcing the warmest materials that we can wear.  But a good snuggle also needs some support, so today we’re taking a look at some pillows you can create to maximize your indoor winter times.

Knitting and Crochet:

Mustache knit pillow

Knit pillow

Knitted twisted taffy

Crochet full circle

Clay steps crochet pillow

Crochet stripes

Couture cable knit

Stepping stripes knit

Mitered squares crochet cushion

Big crochet round pillow

Big loopy knit pillow

Round crochet floor pillow

Knit basket weave pillow

Crochet a unicorn pillow pal

Oversized crochet owl pillow

Bamboo knit stitch pillow

Crochet cactus pillow

Knit cloud shaped pillows


Striped pillow

Envelope back

Sunfold printed pillow

Chevron pillow

Ombre ‘love’ pillow

Fleece pillow with fringe

Chambray floor pillow

Pillow pals

Striped rug pillows

Lavender eye pillow

Tooth fairy pillow

Turn a blanket into a pillow

Buckwheat hull pillow

Faux cross-stitch accent pillows

Sun print pillows

Reversible sequin mermaid tail pillow

Shibori velvet pillows

Round floor pillow with center button

Alpaca pillow

Neck roll pillow

Scrabble “F A L L” pillows

Floor pillow poof

Dog’s bed floor pillow

Pieced half circle pillow

Fleece Christmas tree pillows

What fun pillows have you created?

Pincushion Plans

In preparation for craft month next month, as well as your last winter sewing projects, today I thought I’d share some fun pincushions you can create.

Jelly jar pincushion

Apple pincushion

Hexagon felted pincushion

Teacup pincushion

Wraparound pincushion

Strawberry pincushion

Tomato pincushion

Pincushion bracelet

Leaf pincushion

Wild flower pincushion

Folk art fish pincushion

Larger primrose pincushion

Spring hat pincushion

Pincushion trio tower

Pumpkin pincushion

Pincushion ring

Hedgehog pincushion

Pincushion in a teapot

Little birdie pincushion

What pincushion do you enjoy using for your projects?

Creative Quilting

In line with the fact that we’re in winter and it’s cold outside, today I thought we’d take a look at some quilts and quilt themed items we can make.


Crossroads quilt

Random flying geese quilt

Christmas ornament quilt

Mermaid quilt

Chevron design quilt

Raccoon quilt

Swirling stars quilt

Moroccan tiles quilt

Seafoam churn and dash quilt

Butterfly quilt and pillow

Twist and turn quilt

Zig zag quilt

Hexagon quilt

Child’s play quilt

Shirt pocket quilt

Quilt inspired projects:

Framed quilt squares

Quilted pot holders

Quilted phone cover and eyeglass case

Quilted stocking

Quilted jewelry roll

Quilted coaster set

Medallion quilted wall hanging

Quilted coat lining

Tulip table runner

Plat patchwork tee-pee

Quilted tote

Quilted pet bed

Patchwork duffle bag

Quilted fabric tote

What do you love to quilt?

Quilt and Craft

Today I’ve got some fun quilting inspired crafts.  I love quilting because you can take a pattern and add your personal fabric choices without ruining the item!

Quilted potholders

Simple baby quilt

Follow the lines baby quilt

Seersucker baby quilt

Quilt headboard

Shirt pocket quilt

Quilt Christmas stocking

Framed quilt squares

Quilted coaster set

Quilted phone cover and eyeglass case

Cozy quilted pet bed

Summer table runner

Red, white and blue table runner

Americana lone star


Little sawtooth stars

What are your favorite quilts?

Beautiful Bags

Today I thought we’d have some fun with different bags, clutches, purses and pouches.

8 cute critter clutches

Fabric clutch

Classic camp craft pouch

Drawstring pouches

Mickey tote bag

Yoga mat tote bag

Shoe bags

Ever open laundry bag

Over the shoulder bag

Roomy tote

Chenille bag with name tag and pocket

Reusable gift bag

Quilted messenger bag

6 pocket bag

Brown suede with plaid stripe tote

Cinch it tote bag

Small treat totes

Log cabin tote bag

Easy denim tote with floral brooches

Removable tote organizer

Almost no sew makeup bag

Reversible purse

Placemat purse

What bag and purse creations have you made?