Popover Plans

Today I’ve got some fun and flavorful popover recipes!  They’re a lot easier to make and add some diversity to your bread category.

Basic Popovers:

Simple popovers

Sourdough popovers

Gluten free popovers

Passover popovers

Savory Popovers:

Herb popovers

Popovers with brie

Blue cheese pecan popovers

Garlicky popovers

Lemon dill popovers

Chive popovers

Gruyere popovers

Bacon and black pepper popovers

Yorkshire pudding popovers

Parmesan popovers

Thyme popovers

Chicken pot popovers

Breakfast popovers with Italian sausage

Sweet Popovers: 

Popovers with cranberry butter

Apple cinnamon popovers with brown sugar butter

Orange popovers

Cinnamon sugar popovers

Dark chocolate popovers

Cinnamon popovers with cream cheese glaze

Popovers with mixed berry sauce

Cinnamon roll popovers

Raspberry popovers

Do you enjoy a special popover?

Mardi Gras Menu

Today in preparation for Mardi Gras beginning on Tuesday, we’re taking a look at some authentic Louisiana and Mardi Gras recipes.


Vegetable jambalaya

Baked jambalaya

Grilled seafood jambalaya foil packets

Firehouse jambalaya

Surf and turf penne pasta jambalaya 

Chicken and shrimp jambalaya with couscous

Black jambalaya

Jambalaya with shrimp and ham

Gulf shrimp jambalaya 

Po Boys:

Fried oyster po boys

Fish po boys

Spicy Vietnamese po boys

Bay scallop po boy with spicy mayo

Blackened catfish po boy with light tartar sauce

Fried pickle po boys

Cajun shrimp po boys

Grilled shrimp po boys

Fried chicken po boys

Crawfish po boys


Slow cooker chicken and sausage gumbo

Slow cooker chicken and rice gumbo soup

Autumn gumbo

Shrimp and crab gumbo

Chicken gumbo

Vegetairan gumbo

Shrimp gumbo

Savannah seafood gumbo

Shrimp and oyster gumbo with okra


Hot crawfish dip

Spicy crawfish spread

Crawfish etouffee

Swedish crawfish boil

Crawfish and andouille sausage pizza

Cajun crawfish fried rice

Crawfish boil

Mini crawfish pies

Crawfish fettuccini

Crawfish bread

Creole/Cajun seasoned:

Cajun shrimp and rice

Cajun cabbage skillet

Cajun chicken alfredo

Cajun chicken

Peppery Cajun pork pasta

Cajun sausage and peppers foil pack

Creole chicken fricassee

Creole spiced fried chicken

Shrimp creole

Andouille sausage creole

Creole mussels with rice

Creole shrimp and lobster bisque

Creole potato salad

King cake:

King cake

King cake cupcakes

King cake ice cream

King cake cheesecake

King cake cocktail

How are you planning to celebrate Mardi Gras?

Refreshing Raspberries

As we get ready for Valentine’s Day in two weeks today we’re looking at sweet raspberry treats you can share with those you love.

Chocolate mousse cake with raspberries

Raspberry puff turnovers

Chocolate and raspberry brownie bars

Lemon raspberry thumbprints

Raspberry lemon cake

Raspberry chocolate chip muffins

Mini raspberry elephant ears

Raspberry almond puff

Lemon raspberry bars

Raspberry jam

Raspberry bars

Frozen raspberry dessert

Raspberry laced vanilla cake

Raspberry upside-down cake

Raspberry lemonade cheesecake bars

Frozen chocolate raspberry pie

Raspberry lemonade ice pops

Raspberry trifle

Raspberry swirl cheesecake bars

Raspberry lemonade freeze

Vanilla bean and raspberry tart

Raspberry ribbon slice cake

Raspberry fool

Raspberry cobbler

Raspberry buckle

Raspberry Napoleons

Raspberry clafouti

Raspberry pavlova bombe

Raspberry cream pie

Raspberry cream cupcakes

Raspberry cream pie

Raspberry vanilla tartlets

Raspberry roasted applesauce

Raspberry lemonade

Gluten free raspberry almond bars

What’s your favorite raspberry treat?

Slow Cooker Soups

In thinking about the sports viewing for the next month and the cold weather we’re currently having, today I’ve got some hearty soup recipes that will help take the chill off, be filling and not require all of your attention to make.

Chicken tortilla

White chicken lasagna

Stuffed pepper

Cheesy potato

Chicken taco

Lasagna soup

Three cheese broccoli

Brown lentil

Cuban black bean

French onion

Thai coconut chicken

BBQ chicken

Vegetable beef

Beef tortellini

Italian meatball

Lentil soup

Vegetable with barley

Tomato rotini

Italian chicken with pasta

Cheesy chicken and bacon

Meatball stone

Chicken and gnocchi

Italian chicken and lentil

Chicken verde tortilla

Two potato and vegetable

Butternut squash

Split pea

Pesto minestrone

Spicy fajita

Korean short rib

Mexican chicken

Chicken noodle

What soups do you like making in the crock pot?

Totally Tiramisu

To finish out our year and the decade, we’re going with a decadent dessert, tiramisu!

Tiramisu layer cake

Berry tiramisu

Tiramisu cupcakes

Toffee tiramisu

Lemon berry tiramisu

Tiramisu brownie bars

Tiramisu cheesecake bars

Tiramisu waffles

Tiramisu tart

Tiramisu bites

Tiramisu bars

Tiramisu bowls

Frozen tiramisu squares

Pumpkin tiramisu cheesecake bars

Tiramisu cake truffles

Tiramisu ice cream cake

Double chocolate tiramisu

Tiramisu Italiano

Raspberry tiramisu

Strawberry tiramisu bites

Rum and ricotta tiramisu

White chocolate tiramisu

Coconut tiramisu

Banana pudding tiramisu

Lime blueberry tiramisu

Lemon hazelnut tiramisu

Tiramisu cookies

Tiramisu pound cake

Skinny tiramisu parfaits

Gluten free tiramisu cupcakes

What’s your favorite way to enjoy tiramisu?

A Tree Full of Treats and Treasures

As we get closer to the official celebration of Christmas, today I’ve got some fun DIY tree creations and a few tree treats too.

Amigurumi mini tree

Christmas tree terrarium

Wood disc tree

Weaving hoop tree

Gemstone Christmas tree gift bag

Christmas tree gift tag

Fabric tree pillow ornament

Hanging trees with stars

Felt kids playtime tree

Quilted tree pillow sleeve

Simple golden wood sparkle tree

Simple dyed green wood tree

Ribbon tree

Pinecone tree

Ribbon tree on a T-shirt

Washi tape tree on canvas

Yarn and felt tree skirt with trees

Beaded chenille (pipe cleaner) stem tree

Wood disc ornament

Tree place card

Felt tree bottle cover

Christmas tree napkin

PVC pipe tree


Geometric tree candy

Decorated Christmas tree cookies

Star topped mini tree cakes

Decorated Christmas tree cutout cookies

Stained glass Christmas tree cookies

What trees are you decorating with this year?

On A Roll

As we head into another holiday season, I thought today we’d take a look at roll recipes.  Rolls are an amazing and creative way to bring the bread group to the table, whether you eat them with a little butter or pile on some meats and other tasty treats.

Simple Rolls:

Amish dinner 

Japanese milk bread 

Parker House 

Honey wheat 

Crusty European style hard rolls

Ciabatta rolls

Kaiser rolls

Sourdough rolls

Multigrain rolls

High fiber pretzel

Hawaiian rolls

Honey wheat yeast

No-knead cloverleaf

Cornmeal rolls

Wheat, oat and flax 

Crescent rolls

Edys braided rolls

Mini brioche

Gluten free

Rolls with a Little Extra:

Cranberry pumpkin

Herb and onion

Golden pumpkin

Rosemary potato

Four leaf clover

Semolina with golden raisins, fennel and pine nuts

Three cheese crescents

Olive rolls

Sweet potato 

Garlic butter

What rolls do you serve for holidays and gatherings?