Perfect Cherry Cakes and Pies

Whether you’re thinking George Washington’s birthday, you love fruit or you want a romantic treat, today I’ve got some yummy cherry pies and cakes for you!

Presidential cherry pie

Sour cherry slab pie

Individual sour cherry pies

Cherry pie with almond crumble

Lattice cherry pie

Berry slab pie

Caramel apple cherry pie

Double cherry pie

Sweet glazed cherry pie

Cherry dream pie

Cherry almond creamy cheese pie

Cranberry cherry pie

Amaretti cherry cheesecake pie

Cherry lemon meringue mini pies

Deep dish cherry pie

Cherry hand pies

Fried cherry walnut pies

Sour cherry crumb cakes

Cherry sheet cake

Yeasted cherry and sour cherry coffee cake

Mini cheesecakes with cherry topping

Pumpkin cherry upside-down cake

Creamy cherry cobbler with pound cake topping

Cherry vanilla cake

What are your favorite cherry cakes, pies and treats?

Cheering for Cherries

Today we’re going to celebrate the delicious and sweet cherry!

Cookies and pastries:

Cherry vanilla oatmeal cookies

Chocolate cherry rugelach

Cherry date oat bars

Cherry squares

Cherry cupcakes

Chewy cherry almond bars

Dried cherry and almond scones

Pies and more

Vanilla cherry cobbler

Sour cherry pistachio crisp

Rustic cherry tart with ricotta and almonds

No bake cherry cheesecake

Cherry ricotta cheesecake

Chocolate covered cherry whoopie pies

Lemon cherry trifle

Cherry pie


Cherry lemonade

Black cherry spritzer

Cherry berry tea smoothies

Bing cherry mojitos

Cherry limeade

What are your favorite cherry recipes?