Best of the Beach

Today we’re taking one last trip to the beach this summer.  What was your favorite summertime beach memory this year?

Crafts and Fun:

Colorful creatures

Sand-casted starfish

Fish swivel bracelet

Spiraled shell necklace

Seashell critters

Fishy soap

Sea glass bracelet

Sea glass tray or tabletop

Candles in seashells

Clamshell wreath

Beach drink charms

Sand and shells wreath

Beach clock

Scrapbook page

Send out summer themed cards to thank your friends

Decorate with shells

3 more things to do with shells

Lots more fun shell ideas


Beach cake

Beach cupcakes

Swim party cupcakes

Castle cakes

What treasures have you discovered at the beach this year?

Oceans Away!

June 8th is World Oceans Day, and if you know me, you know I love anything to do with the beach and the oceans, so today is a perfect excuse to share with you some of my favorite ocean themed crafts and creations.  Don’t worry, as we get into the summer we’ll take a look at some beach fun too!

Crafts and Activities:

Salt dough starfish necklace

Sun catcher aquarium

Sandpaper starfish

Trained seal craft and activity

Good luck goldfish

Flying fish

Fancy fish lampshade

Ocean dioramas

Bobbing for Nemo activity

Little mermaid clothespin dolls

Undersea turtle clings

Food Fun:

Out for a swim cupcakes

Sand dollar cookies

Sebastian cupcakes

Ocean potion

Pearly bites

Share your favorite ocean crafts and foods in the comments section!

Beach Beauty

Today we’re taking a trip to one of my favorite places, the beach!  I love all things about the beach-the walking, the waves, the creatures, the sand and the shells!  Today I’ve got a bunch of fun and creative crafts all relating to the beach for you!

Sand starfish

Mermaid wand

Cockleshell critters

Rock necklace

Seaweed still life

Sand bass

Sandy hand mosaic

Seashell critters

Seascape centerpieces

Seashell and pebble sprayed stationary

Sea glass tiled tray or tabletop

Shell flowerpots

Clamshell wreath

Fire and water (cool candle idea)

Seaside birdhouse

Mosaic art

Nature walk bracelet

Seashell koalas

Shell wind chimes

What are your favorite things to make with seashells and sand?  Share your ideas below!

The Sands of Summer

One of the fun things that summer is known for are sand sculptures. although I’m not a professional (usually my sculptures deserve to be taken by the waves), my attempts have taught me much about life and creativity.

Sand sculpting starts with a good foundation.  If your base is weak, the whole thing is in jeopardy.

You’ve got to have water to sculpt.  Dry sand just doesn’t cut it if you want to get off the ground.

Tools are very very helpful in making beautiful sculptures.  Maybe some tools would have helped me make a better sculpture…

These three tips are so crucial to making a sand sculpture, but they’re also important for life and creativity.

If you’re making a beautiful stained glass window, but you use tin foil as your structure instead of wire, all your work will be wasted.  If you’re trying to be successful, raise a family, or live a whole live, you’ve got to have values and principles that guide you.

No matter how beautiful the paints are, if you don’t rinse in between colors, your painting will be ruined.  Also true if you drink only soda, juice or alcoholic beverages.  There’s got to be water in and around you.

The best people in life are only as good as their tools.  You could have the cure for cancer, but if you can’t bring it to people or tell anyone about it, what’s the point?  And your jewelry will be pretty pointless if you can’t make a hole in it to put the wire through.

What lessons has this summer taught you?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Day at the Beach

One of my favorite places to visit is the beach!  I love seeing all the shells, watching the ocean and I also love feeling revived and inspired when I leave.  If you’re ready for some beach inspiration here are some fun ideas.


Seashell critters, sand casted starfish, personalized seashell, cockleshell critters, shell paintings, seashell angels, mermaid wand, beachy beads, sand candles, sand mosaic, beach bag, seashell Koalas (super cute), seashell wreath, sea-glass bracelet, easy beach bag for kids.


Beach dessert, sand dollar sugar cookie, swim cupcakes, beach cake, beach cupcakes, deserted island cupcake, snorkeler cake, pearly bites, sand bucket angel food cake, shark and beach cupcakes, vanilla pecan sand castle, beach in a jar.

If you’ve made something cute and beach related, I’d love for you to share your inspiration below.

Creative Vacations

It’s summer here in the USA!  Are you planning a vacation?  If so, here are 10 great destinations and a creative idea that you can do with the kids and some treasures you find there!

Beach: Whether you choose a tropical island, Myrtle Beach, or the beach around the corner, after you’ve had your fun in the water and spent some time in the sun, gather some empty shells, sea glass, drift wood and other beach treasures to create jewelry from!

Fossil: One really cool experience for the family is visiting a dig.  There are many places around the USA where you can participate in a dig including U-Dig, and Fossil Safari.  When you get home, try making fossil imprints of some things you have around the house to see what your things would look like fossilized!  Here are two recipes that will get you started (Kaboose, Family Fun).

Inventors: Visit the studio of an inventor like Thomas Edison, George Washington Carver or the Wright Brothers.  When you’re done touring around their inventions, make an invention yourself!  Get creative and make an improvement to something you use every day, or make your own idea come to life!

Caves: Caves are tons of fun to visit. Stop by Carlsbad, Lava Beds or Wind Cave. You’ll be greeted by stalagmites, stalactites, pools of water and maybe an animal or two! When you’re all done exploring, create your own cave creatures, maybe a bat, maybe a mysterious creature from deep down.

Waterparks: Who wouldn’t want to visit a water park when it’s 100 degrees out?  But the water fun doesn’t have to end when you get home!  Have your kids design their own water parks on paper, and even try to make them using things around the house!

Historical: There are some really cool places around the US that still look as they did when their original occupants lived in them.  Visit the Aztec Ruins, Knife River dwellings, or Mesa Verde.  Take lots of pictures while you’re there so you have lots of inspiration to use when you create pots, jewelry, paintings, tepees, wigwam, or even a mini canoe when you get home.

Volcano/Geysers: If Yellowstone or Hot Springs is on your itenerary, your kids will love to make their own volcano or geyser when they get home!   Make sure to stick around and see the geyser erupt first though!

Statues: Whether you visit Mt. Rushmore or get your picture taken near Crazy Horse, It’s awesome to see what people have created out of stone.  Fun at home starts with some clay, what will you look like made of clay?

Music: Wherever you go throughout the USA you’ll hear music.  Whether it’s blues, jazz, rock or hip hop, you’ll find lots of history and cool tunes around.  Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, and Chicago are all waiting for you! Don’t forget to pick up an instrument, sing a song or write a tune when you get home.

Mansions: It’s fun to see what it looks like inside those large sweeping estates.  Stretch your kids imagination and dreams with a visit to Hearst Castle or the Vanderbilt estate.  At home, give your kids paper and pencils or a shoebox and let them create the castle or estate of their dreams.

What about you?  Where will you be vacationing this summer? Don’t forget to look for creative inspiration!

Getting Creative for Summer

We’re rapidly approaching the first day of summer!  I’m super excited as usual!  Most of you don’t enjoy the heat of the summer like I do, so here are some fun and creative ways to stay cool.

Keep those kids busy with creative ideas (and have some fun yourself):

Homemade ice cream.  Maybe this is more food than creative, but add your favorite flavors and it will get pretty exciting.

Suncatcher window crafts.

Salt art.

A whole bunch of fun ideas for wearing and accessorizing.  What does your T-shirt say about you?

Have leftover sand?  Use it to make candles.

Add a little fun to your flip flops!

Don’t forget to send a cheerful summer card to relatives and friends.

Bring the summer indoors with this watermelon step stool.

Do something special for the birds with this cabana bird house.

How about some of those old camp crafts you remember?  Like stick vases, newspaper hat, personalized nature pals, spray painting, homemade finger paints, and friendship sticks?

Summer is a great opportunity to eat too!

Black bean dip.

Grilled shrimp w corn and black bean salad.

Too hot to cook? Have a salad!

Pork kabobs.

Lemon & garlic tiger prawns.

Carrot cake cupcakes.

Chocolate covered banana pops.

Strawberry lemonade ice pops.

Tropical breakfast smoothie.

Raspberry lime rickey.

Cool summer drinks including cherry vanilla smoothie, perfect fruit punch, lemon juice juleps, and sparkling star punch!!

Try something new this summer!  What are your creative plans for this summer?  Share your thoughts below.