Ready with Ramen

Today I thought we’d take a very inexpensive ingredient that many people joke about but has been part of our culture for quite some time and check out some recipes that you can make with it and stretch your budget even further: ramen!

Slow cooker pork ramen

Beefy Italian ramen skillet

Slow cooker chicken and ramen soup

Slow cooker gingered pork and ramen

Lo mein noodle salad

Crunchy Asian chicken salad

Gingery tofu ramen bowl

Beef satay with peanut ginger ramen

Cirtrus bok choy salad with crisp ramen

Shrimp and mushroom ramen

Chicken ramen stir fry

10 minute chicken, corn, and kimchi ramen

Roasted shrimp, corn, and bacon ramen

Broccoli, mushroom and ramen casserole with blue and cheddar cheese

Beef with broccoli and teriyaki ramen 

Braised pork ramen

Spicy ramen with beef and bok choy

Kale, corn, mushroom, pork belly and egg ramen bowl

Asian ramen shrimp soup

Turkey noodle tomato soup

Turkey lo mein

Stir fry scallops and asparagus with ramen

Red curry carrot ramen soup

Asparagus beef lo mein

Quick sesame chicken noodles

Sirlon stir-fry with ramen

What are your favorite ways to enjoy ramen?

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