Working on Waffles

Keeping in mind all that’s going on in our world right now, today I thought we’d take a look at some tasty, filling and customizable waffle recipes.  Waffles, like pancakes or breads, are great because you can start with the same base for everyone, and then everyone can choose their toppings.  Breakfast foods, including waffles are also one of those foods I think of as comfort foods, like soups, and can be made in both large and small batches.

Gluten free 

Whole wheat vegan 

Sourdough waffles

High fiber sourdough

Yogurt waffles

Belgian style yeast

Whole wheat

Sprouted wheat

Buckwheat sour cream

Buttermilk oat

Oat waffles

Crunchy cornmeal

Gingerbread waffles

Sugar waffles

Banana nut

Banana waffles

Blueberry whole grain

Apple cinnamon with cider syrup

Orange waffles

Lemon almond 

Savory cheddar Parmesan

Hash brown waffles

Brownie batter

Cinnamon bun

Golden harvest

Waffles Florentine

Maple brown butter

What are your waffle or topping suggestions?

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