Popover Plans

Today I’ve got some fun and flavorful popover recipes!  They’re a lot easier to make and add some diversity to your bread category.

Basic Popovers:

Simple popovers

Sourdough popovers

Gluten free popovers

Passover popovers

Savory Popovers:

Herb popovers

Popovers with brie

Blue cheese pecan popovers

Garlicky popovers

Lemon dill popovers

Chive popovers

Gruyere popovers

Bacon and black pepper popovers

Yorkshire pudding popovers

Parmesan popovers

Thyme popovers

Chicken pot popovers

Breakfast popovers with Italian sausage

Sweet Popovers: 

Popovers with cranberry butter

Apple cinnamon popovers with brown sugar butter

Orange popovers

Cinnamon sugar popovers

Dark chocolate popovers

Cinnamon popovers with cream cheese glaze

Popovers with mixed berry sauce

Cinnamon roll popovers

Raspberry popovers

Do you enjoy a special popover?

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