Spooky Sips

With Halloween happening in a few days, today we’re taking one last look at the holiday with some spooky and tasty beverages.

Bloody Mary shooters

Dark and swampy

Creepy cherry

Vampire vodka

Black lagoon

Bubbling green

Blood moon punch

Swamp sips

Screwed screwdriver

Ghost graveyard

Berry scary martini

Poisoned apple

Bloody floats

Creepy cocktail

Sinister cider 

Pumpkin sangria

Blueberry rickety eyeball punch

Black light

Dark and spooky

Phoenix rising

Hemlock cocktails

Cider fall fireball

Magical mad hatter 

Wonderland cocktail

Spooky lychee sangria

Apple butter old fashioned

Apple cider sidecar

Ghostly cocktail

Death eater negroni

Glow in the dark infected brain cocktail

Magic cotton candy martini

Witch’s brew

Sour Frankensteins

Grave digger

Bloody orange

Mr Hyde potion

Black widow shot

Candy corn infused vodka

Cachaça zombie

Haunted graveyard

Melted witch martini

Black widow smash

Devil’s margarita

Poisoned apple

What Halloween drinks do you have planned?

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