Fantastic Figs

Today I thought we’d do autumn a little early and take a look at an autumn fruit, the fig.  There’s a little bit of everything, from breads to appetizers to desserts.

Fig and walnut sourdough

Mission fig bread

Fig and toasted almond scones

Sourdough fig and orange bread

Fig segals

Prosciutto wrapped figs

Prosciutto wrapped figs and blue cheese

Fig chutney

Fig and almond tart

Fig preserves

Fig and prosciutto pizza with arugula

Fig pinwheels

Fig and walnut cookies

Fig and walnut energy bars

Wine poached figs

Fig and bran muffins

Panna cotta with roasted figs and balsamic

Honey glazed grilled fig salad with feta, pistachio and mizuna

White bean salad with grilled figs

Balsamic fig sauce

Baked figs

Fig and hazelnut tarts

Chewy fig bars

Fig and walnut biscotti

Quince and fig pinwheels

Fig and chocolate chunk ice cream

Fig tart with cream cheese filling

What are your favorite ways to enjoy figs?

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