Angel Food Fun

Today I thought we’d take a look at one of the basics of dessert, angel food cake, and some tasty things you can do with it.

Angel Food Cake:

Angel food cake

Strawberry filled 

Lemon meringue

Lemon angel food cake

Angel food cake with espresso mascarpone cream

Angel food cake with tropical fruit compote

Lemon coconut 

Angel food swirl cake

Angel food cake with bourbon creme anglaise

Funfetti angel food cake

Key lime 

Gluten free 

Gluten free chocolate

Desserts made with Angel Food Cake:

Patriotic berry trifle

Angle food cake treat jar

Strawberry and blackberry summer trifle

Grilled angel food cake with peaches and cream and cherry coulis

Lemon blackberry cheesecake parfait

Dulce de leche trifle

Striped ice cream cake

Pecan cinnamon angel food cake

Strawberry rhubarb angel cake

Angle toffee dessert

Boston cream angel cake

Pineapple orange trifle

Angel food cake churro bites

What are your favorite recipes for and with angel food cake?

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