The Choice of Chocolate Cake

It’s summer and one of the fun ways to pass the time is by cooking, decorating or making food.  One sweet treat that invites lots of creativity is chocolate cake, so today I thought I’d share some chocolate cake recipes.


Fudge birthday cake

Chocolate fudge bundt cake

Chocolate fudge blackout cake

Double fudge chocolate cake

Sweet additions:

Chocolate mousse cake with raspberries

Peanut butter fudge buckeye cake

Chocolate zucchini cake

Chocolate beet cake

Chocolate meringue cake

Salted chocolate cake

German chocolate cake with coconut and pecan filling

Dark chocolate cake with coconut macaroon filling

Triple chocolate tres leches cake

Chocolate peppermint mini bundt cakes

White chip and coconut chocolate swirl cake

Peanut butter cup and Oreo cake

Snickers candy bar dump cake

Chocolate carrot cake

3 nut upside-down cake


Flourless chocolate cake

Flourless chocolate cake 2

Flourless chocolate espresso cakes

Mini flourless chocolate cakes

Even more Chocolate Cake:

Chocolate stout cake

Chocolate loaf cake

German chocolate mini cakes

Chocolate cassata

Mississippi mud cake

Chocolate lava cakes

Hot cocoa brownie cake

Bourbon chocolate tipsy cake

Double fudge poke cake

Gluten Free & Vegan:

Gluten free chocolate cake

Gluten free chocolate chip cake

Vegan chocolate cake

What is your favorite chocolate cake?

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