A Perfect Day for Popcorn

Today I thought we’d take a look at some creative ways to dress up the simple popcorn kernel.


Carol’s caramel corn

Sweet caramel corn

Gooey caramel corn

Maple pecan popcorn

Butter pecan popcorn

Halloween popcorn treats

Mexican chocolate popcorn

Pumpkin spice popcorn

Cinnamon bun popcorn

Cinnamon toast popcorn

Butterfinger and cookies and cream popcorn

Frosted marshmallow popcorn balls

White chocolate popcorn balls

Chocolate popcorn brittle

Warm spiced vanilla popcorn

Macadamia butter crunch popcorn


Cheese pizza popcorn

Pizza popcorn

Cheddar cheese popcorn

Popcorn with herbs de provence and asiago cheese

Cheesy garlic popcorn

Cajun popcorn

Popcorn balls

Spicy sesame popcorn

Spicy siracha popcorn

Truffled popcorn

Maple bacon popcorn

Popcorn with rosemary infused oil

Zippy Italian popcorn

Hickory and Gorgonzola popcorn

Bacon jalapeño popcorn

What are your favorite popcorn recipes?

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