Decadent Christmas Cookie Decorations

Today as we’re getting ever closer to Christmas I thought we’d take a look at some fun ways to decorate whatever your favorite cookies are, whether they’re gingerbread, sugar or something else, and simple but fun ways to add a little something special to your Christmas cookie celebrations (and a couple other sweet treat ideas too).


Christmas tree forest

Penguin slice and bake cookies

Apple pie thumbprints

Gingerbread reindeer

White chocolate confetti cookies

Cake mix holiday cookies

Dipped shortbread cookies

Sugar cookie ornaments

Christmas meringues

Santa and tree cookies

Gingerbread people in gingerbread hot chocolate tubs

Holiday biscotti

Gingerbread man mug mates

Hanging stockings

Reindeer milk-n-cookies

Santa hat milk-n-cookies

Gingerbread milk-n-cookies

Almond and lemon biscotti dipped in white chocolate

Blue and white snowflakes

Heart shaped reindeer sugar cookies

Package cookies

Candy cane sugar cookies

Santa cutouts

Triangle Santa cookies

Bell shaped Mrs. Claus skirt

Round reindeer cookies

Bell shaped reindeer

Candy cane snowmen

Green and white icing wreath

Simple wreath with candy pieces and icing bow

3D gingerbread trees

Coffee cup cookie

Christmas cookie dunkers

Emjoi thumbprints

Black and white reindeer cookies

Snow globe cookies

Stick people gingerbread cookies

Snowflake cookies

3-D striped tree cookies

Shiny mitten cookies

Christmas star cookies

Christmas reindeer cookies

Holly leaf and cardinal cookie

“Merry” cookie

“Cheer” cookie

Red door inn gingerbread cookie

Gabled gingerbread cookie

Cape cod gingerbread cookie

Toy shop soldier cookie

Strand of Christmas lights sugar cookie

Trimmed Christmas tree cookie

Wreath Christmas cookie

Sweet Treats:

Dipped blondie sticks

Peppermint marshmallow snowmen

Reindeer brownies

Brownie trees

Gingerbread man cupcakes

Cherry mitten hand pies

What are your favorite decoration ideas?

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