Appetizers for Entertaining

Today I thought we’d take a look at some tasty treats and dips to get your next holiday gathering started.


New Orleans barbecue shrimp dip

Creamy shrimp scampi dip

Swiss and bacon dip

Christmas queso

Creamy peppadew dip

Warm fennel and Parmesan dip

Herbed goat cheese spread

Edamame lemongrass hummus

Small bites:

Steak au poivre potatoes

Spinach and goat cheese tartlets

Swedish meatballs

BLT salad bites

Gougeres with Gruyère mornay and beer mustard

Chorizo bites with smoked paprika and piquillo pepper aioli

Shrimp and avocado salad on endive leaves

Bacon wrapped ginger shrimp

Ham and Gruyère thumbprints

Twice baked potatoes

Dirty deviled eggs

Smoked salmon zucchini bites

Gorgonzola thyme stuffed olives

Dilled onion cheese balls

Blue cheese and pine nut puffs

Mini party quiches

Cranberry sauced meatballs

Made for a crowd:

Butternut squash spinach tart

Sausage Parmesan palmiers

Asparagus and jack cheese frittata

Pizza wreath

Savory Christmas cheese bread

Gorgonzola flatbread with prosciutto and dates

Mini bagel pizzas

What are you planning for appetizers this Christmas season?

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