Celebrating with Christmas Cookies

Today we’re taking a look at a variety of Christmas cookies, including some alternatives if you’ve got allergies or diets and some regional favorites.


Buccellati cookies

Danish sugar pretzels

Basler Brunsli

Stollen bites

Rugelach pinwheels

Glazed bizcochito stars

Speculaas cookies

Lebkuchen cookies

Chrusciki leaves

Kourambiedex Greek cookies

Sweet Treats:

Cherry vanilla cream cheese spritz cookies

Chocolate crinkles

Eggnog cookies

Fruitcake drops

Hot cocoa cookies

Peppermint sticks

Shortbread cookies

Gingersnap cookies

Cranberry almond shortbreads

Browned butter pecan sandies

Chocolate hazelnut and caramel thumbprints

Mint chocolate trees

Star mint meringues

Classic Christmas sandies

Candy stripe cookie sticks

Cinnamon swirl cookies

Chewy coconut chocolate pinwheels

Pignoli cookies

Alternative/Healthy cookies:

Keto almond shortbreads

Gluten free hazenut vanilla shortbread

Gluten free jam macaroons

Flourless double chocolate pecan cookies

Gluten free cranberry white chocolate pecan cookies

Vegan Russian tea cakes

Vegan Pfeffernusse cookies

Paleo hot chocolate cookies with vanilla bean frosting

Paleo, vegan chocolate coconut truffles

Paleo reindeer bombs

Sugar free paleo pecan snowball cookies

What cookies are you baking this Christmas?

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