Passion for Passionfruit

Today I thought we’d look at a special fruit that isn’t usually used and some sweet and savory recipes for it: passionfruit!


Passionfruit meringue pie with macadamia crust

Tapioca passion fruit parfait

Passion fruit curd icebox cake

Passion fruit sorbet

Passion fruit souffle

Passion fruit melting moments

Pavlova with passion fruit

Passion fruit filled cupcakes

Passion fruit cheesecake tart

Passion fruit ice cream pie with ginger crust

Lemon passion fruit meringue pie

Lemon coconut tart with passion fruit cream

Peach and passion fruit muffins

Ginger passionfruit trifle

Passion fruit cheesecake

Maracuya passion fruit mousse

Chocolate coconut bread pudding with passion fruit sauce

Cranberry passion fruit sauce

Passion fruit soup

Chocolate passion ravioli with ricotta souffle

Passion fruit and coconut cream parfaits

Gluten free passion cake


Passion fruit orangeade

Brazilian passion fruit and mango smoothie

Passion fruit margarita

Other dishes:

Salmon with warm passion fruit vinaigrette

Bacon wrapped shrimp with passion fruit

Macadamia nut crusted fresh catch with mango passion fruit sauce

Blue corn pancakes with piloncillo syrup and passion fruit butter

Passion yellowtail snapper

What are your favorite ways to enjoy passionfruit?

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