More with Meatballs

Today I was in the mood for something savory and comforting, so I thought we’d take a look at meatball recipes.

Hawaiian meatballs

Rosemary meatballs

Teriyaki meatballs

Beef stroganoff meatballs

Chicken parm meatballs

Meatballs with ouzo and mint

Meatballs in chipotle sauce

Lamb meatballs with harissa

Turkey and pancetta meatballs

Swedish meatballs

Northern Indian lamb meatballs

Shrimp scampi meatballs with garlicky broth

Honey chipotle turkey meatballs

Sweet and sour Korean cocktail meatballs

Brown sugar glazed turkey meatballs

Skinny Thai chicken meatballs with peanut sauce

Savory turkey meatballs

Cinnamon meatballs

Turkey meatballs with sundried tomato sauce

Asian quinoa meatballs

Pork meatballs

Florentine meatballs

Zesty chicken meatballs

Cheesy stuffed taco meatballs

Recipes with meatballs:

Meatball casserole

Eggplant meatball casserole

Meatball pizzas

Spinach and meatball calzones

Mexican meatball soup

Moroccan meatball soup with sweet potatoes

Meatball soup

Orecchiette with mini chicken meatballs

Spanish turkey meatball stew

Meatball sub egg rolls

What are your favorite meatball recipes and ways to enjoy meatballs?

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