A Wrap to Start the Year

Today I thought we’d take a look at one of those really versatile dishes: wraps.  You can add as little or as much to them, spice and season them as you prefer, and even the wrap itself is customizable.  Let’s take a look at some wraps you may want to add to your list.




Soft wrap bread

Gluten free tortillas

Flavored wraps


Shrimp and kale spring rolls

Smoked salmon breakfast wraps

Tuna and hummus wraps

Mediterranean salmon wrap

Mediterranean shrimp wrap

Mediterranean tuna wrap


Spicy tofu lettuce wraps

Artichoke feta wraps

Roasted eggplant, zucchini and chickpea wraps

Santa Fe wrap


Caesar grilled chicken wrap

Asian chicken lettuce wraps

Smoky cheddar wraps

Buffalo style turkey wraps

Buffalo chicken wraps

Jerk chicken and pineapple slaw wrap

Cranberry turkey cabbage wraps

Turkey avocado and cress wrap

Chicken salad and Havarti cheese wrap

Chicken and broccoli pockets

Waldorf chicken wrap

Lemon roasted chicken salad wrap

Smoked turkey southwestern wrap

Thai lettuce wrap


Teriyaki beef and lettuce wraps

Korean beef cabbage wrap

Beef and cabbage wrap

Ginger beef lettuce wrap

Five spice steak wrap

Barbecue beef wrap

Beef and blue cheese wrap

Crunchy beef wrap

Roast beef wraps with dill slaw

Even more ideas:

Spinach salad wrap

Jerk pork wraps with lime mayo

Greens and bacon omelet wraps

Salami and coleslaw wrap

Pepperoni pizza wrap

Tortilla dessert wrap

What are your favorite wrap recipes?