Fun with Fruitcake

Today we’re looking at a holiday treat that I enjoy, fruitcake and its cousin, stollen.

Christmas stollen

Lofty layered fruitcake

Chocolate cherry berry fruitcake

Orange cranberry nut fruit cake

Fruitcake drops

Sour cream fruitcake

90 minute fruitcake

Golden fruitcake

Taste of the tropics fruit cake

Upside-down mini fruitcakes

Stollen muffins

Fruitcake biscotti

Fruitcake shortcake

Miniature golden fruitcakes

Gingered fruitcake

Chocolate nut fruitcake

Fruitcake macaroons

Vanilla cream fruitcake trifle

Fruitcake bread pudding with whiskey sauce

Cherry almond fruitcake

Free range fruitcake

Orange brandy fruitcake

Rich rum fruitcake with coconut cream cheese icing

Citrus fruitcake

Chewy fruitcake cookies

Classic fruit cake with salted maple syrup

Eggnog fruitcake challah

Fruitcake white chocolate fudge

Jamie Oliver’s stollen

Bite sized stollen

Gluten free holiday stollen

What are your favorite fruitcake and stollen recipes?

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