Food to Fuel School

Today we’re taking a look at some ready-for-school recipes. These are recipes that can help you and/or your kids get ready for the day, some school-approved (no peanut butter) snacks and after school treats!


“Hot chocolate” banana nut oatmeal

Whole grain porridge

Breakfast burrito

Low fat raspberry corn muffins

Berry oatmeal bake

Breakfast cookies

Whole grain pumpkin banana bread

Toaster tarts


Apple cinnamon scones

French toast kebabs

Oatmeal and dried cherry biscuit scones

Allergen free coffee crumb cake

Gluten free morning glory muffins


Taco bar

Rainbow and butterflies pasta salad

Yogurt fruit bars

Banana oatmeal sponge cookies

Scone nibbles

Crunchy roasted chickpeas

Tortilla roll-ups

Pot of gold bento lunch

Broccoli pesto pasta


No bake granola bars

Date nut squares

Banana chocolate chip muffins

Coconut fruit and nut bars

Chocolate coconut graham crackers

Pita nachos

Apple cupcakes

Chocolate banana pops

Bear-y good snack mix

Cinnamon bun bites

Cranberry millet muffins

Gluten free cookie bars

What fun foods are you planning for this school year?

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