Barley Basics

Today I’ve got recipes using one of my favorite ingredients: barley!

Bread and Breakfast:

Apple and oat barley bread

Barley breakfast bread

Marmalade barley scones

Orange barley pound cake

Warm barley cereal with dried cherries

Barley, apricots, hazelnuts, chocolate and honey


Chicken barley soup

Beef and barley vegetable soup

Mushroom barley soup

Herb pesto barley soup

Pumpkin barley sage soup

Barley vegetable soup

Tuscan barley soup

Main Dishes:

Roasted barley pilaf

Barley salad herbs

Mushroom barley salad

Watercress and barley salad

Salmon and barley salad

Barley risotto shrimp and peas

Barley salad with corn and chicken

Barley chicken and fig salad

Barley, Brussels sprouts, spinach and edamame

Barley stuffed peppers

Spicy barley and rice

Barley and butternut dressing

Italian barley and sausage casserole

Barley Greek salad

Stout braised short ribs with barley

How do you enjoy eating barley?

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