Polenta Picks

Today we’re looking at something that not everyone is familiar with or has tried: polenta.  If you’re not familiar with polenta, it’s cornmeal that’s been boiled and then baked, fried or used in some other way in a recipe.  Let’s take a look at some sweet and savory options.


Polenta asiago bread

Polenta croutons

Herbed polenta

Polenta fries

Polenta lasagna

Soft cheesy polenta

Polenta squares with prosciutto

Tian provencal with polenta

Polenta stuffed peppers

Polenta toad hole

Baked polenta sausage and artichoke hearts

Pork tenderloin with Swiss chard and polenta

Sweet and fiery polenta fries


Pumpkin ginger polenta with stewed fruit and marscapone cream

Italian polenta cookies

Polenta grape cake

Lemon polenta cake

Rosemary polenta cake

Breakfast polenta with figs and marscapone

Polenta almond cake

Golden sweet polenta with blood oranges

Polenta quick bread with lemon and thyme

Cherry polenta cake

Sweet polenta pudding topped with red wine poached pears

What’s you’re favorite way to eat polenta?

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