Salsa Celebration

Today we’re looking at another party favorite: salsa!  Here are some salsa recipes and recipes that use salsa to check out.

Salsa cruda

Citrus salsa

Salsa picante

Salsa rossa

Salsa fresca

Charred tomatillo salsa

Salsa de arbol

Salsa picante

Vegetable salsa

Grilled peach salsa

Roasted fresh pepper salsa

Orange and pepper salsa

Fresh herb salsa verde

Spicy plum salsa

Spicy cucumber salsa

Cranberry avocado salsa

Avocado pineapple salsa

Mexican avocado salsa

Apricot salsa with lemon verbena

Mango salsa

Mango basil salsa

Basil strawberry salsa

Strawberry rhubarb salsa

Roasted corn salsa

Black bean salsa

Grilled pineapple summer salsa

Pineapple salsa

Grilled pineapple jicama salsa

Recipes to try:

Chili sticks with creamy salsa dip

Salsa tacos

Salsa barbecue sauce

Creamy salsa soup

Salmon with mango salsa

Chicken enchiladas salsa verde

Pineapple salsa lamb burgers

What’s your favorite salsa and do you enjoy it smooth or chunky?

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