Maple Syrup Surprise

Today I thought we’d take a look at a traditional winter favorite, maple syrup!

Breakfast, Breads and More:

Vermont maple oatmeal bread

Maple bacon biscuit bake

Sticky buns

Stuffed french toast

Maple walnut oat bread

Maple corn muffins

Maple pumpkin rolls

Maple pull-apart bread

Vermont maple granola

Maple walnut sticky buns

Maple muffins with oat streusel

Maple butter

Baked french toast casserole with maple syrup

Croissant maple bread pudding

Snack, Lunch and Dinner:

Maple mustard chicken salad sandwich

Maple spiced nuts

Maple chipotle barbecue sauce

Maple roasted pumpkin salad

Maple roasted squash

Maple glazed new potatoes

Maple mahi mahi salad

Dijon maple glazed spiral ham

Maple chicken wings


Maple pound cake with maple rum glaze


Maple cream pie

Maple shortbread sandwich cookies

Maple walnut brownies

Cardamom spice oat cookies

Maple walnut biscotti

Maple apple turnovers

Maple pecan cheesecake

Maple buttercream

Maple flan

Maple cake

Pumpkin maple custards

Maple glazed bananas

Mini maple pecan pies

Gluten free maple pecan shortbread cookies

What do you enjoy mixing with maple?

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