Eggnog Essentials

This month we’ll be taking a look at some holiday flavors, and doing 12 days of Christmas fun, food and decorations.  We’re starting this month of with a classic drink that many people love (I am not one of them!): eggnog.


Eggnog latte

Peppermint eggnog

Coconut eggnog

Eggnog martini

Spiced chocolate eggnog

Orange spice eggnog

Cappuccino eggnog

Irish eggnog

Vanilla holiday eggnog

White chocolate eggnog


Eggnog french toast

Eggnog toffee teacake

Cherry and nut filled eggnog cake

Eggnog mini cakes

Holiday eggnog muffins

Cinnamon eggnog scones

Golden eggnog cupcakes

Eggnog cookies

Eggnog fudge

Eggnog pie

Eggnog cups

Eggnog mousse

Eggnog panna cotta

Eggnog cheesecake bars

Eggnog and rum fudge pie

Creamy eggnog bars

Eggnog thumbprint cookies

Eggnog muffins

Eggnog frosted nutmeg sugar cookies

Spiced eggnog pancakes

Chocolate eggnog swirl pie

Eggnog marshmallows

Cranberry eggnog rolls

What do you enjoy making with eggnog or eating with eggnog?

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