Go for Ginger

Today we’re taking a look at one of my favorite ingredients and spices: ginger.  I love to add it to my tea, I love teas with ginger in them and adding ginger to a recipe can bring it to a whole new level.  Let’s take a look at some recipes.

Dinner and Dishes:

Ginger rice

Ginger broccoli
Grilled carrots with ginger

Ginger roasted salmon

Caramel ginger chicken

Ginger chicken noodle soup

Chicken with ginger

Ginger dipping sauce

Steamed cod with ginger

Ginger pork rolls

Mushrooms in ginger sauce

Spicy ginger carrot slaw

Ginger carrot soup

Ginger soy shrimp

Ginger rice stuffed mushrooms


Ginger snaps

Gingerbread bundt cake

Gingerbread cookies

Ginger biscotti

Pumpkin gingerbread with orange glaze

Bourbon ginger pecan pie

Ginger pear pie

Apricot ginger scones

Apple ginger crisp

Gingerbread cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese frosting

Candied ginger shortbread wedges

Ginger shortbread

Ginger rice pudding

Poached pears with ginger

Ginger cheesecake bars

Carrot ginger cupcakes

Sesame ginger caramel candies

Gingered fruitcake

Ginger pear muffins

Special Recipe:

Gluten free gingerbread cookies

Gluten free gingerbread cake

Other Ginger Treats:

Ginger syrup

Candied ginger

Gingered nuts

Cranberry, apple and ginger chutney


Ginger sidecar

Ginger caipirinhas

Ginger margarita

Ginger sparkler

Pineapple and ginger smoothie

Gingered framboise martini

Ginger peach bellini

Ginger mint julep

Ginger rum shandies

What do you enjoy creating with ginger?


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