Craving Cranberries

Do you have extra cranberries that didn’t get used on Thanksgiving? If so today I’ve got some yummy recipes to try.

Breads and Muffins:

Harvest bread

Cranberry walnut bread and muffins

Cranberry whole grain muffins

Cranberry orange brioche

Cranberry vanilla cinnamon swirl bread

Corn and cranberry muffins with chia seeds

Wile rice, pecan and dried cranberry bread

Cranberry pumpkin rolls

Cranberry millet muffin

Cranberry bran muffins

Cranberry banana bread pudding with honey ginger sauce

Whole grain vegan cranberry nut muffins

Gluten free cranberry orange bread with sorghum

Cake, Crisp and Pie:

Nantucket cranberry cake

Yogurt cranberry coffeecake

Cranberry orange babka

Harvest apple cranberry cake

Cranberry apple pie

Pear cranberry crisp

Pecan tart

Cookies, Buns and Scones:

Cranberry gems

Cranberry orange scones

Cranberry sticky buns

Cranberry nut biscotti

Other Treats:

Cranberry orange chutney

Cranberry rosemary breakfast pudding

Cranberry nut chocolate bark

Cranberry tartlets

Cranberry marmalade

Cranberry applesauce

Cranberry butter

Cranberry sorbet

Cranberry jelly


Cranberry cosmopolitan

Cranberry crush

Cranberry cocktail protein smoothie

Pear and cranberry Bellini

Rosy cranberry cider

Mulled cranberry cider

What are your favorite cranberry recipes?

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