Time For Turkey

Yes, today we’re taking a look at that essential to many Thanksgiving tables: the turkey.  We’ll take a look at some Thanksgiving day recipes for turkey as well as gravy and a few for what to do with leftover turkey after Thanksgiving too.

Thanksgiving Turkey:

Heritage turkey

Barbecued turkey

Herbed turkey

Cranberry BBQ turkey

Roasted turkey

Grilled turkey with southwestern spices

Maple sage turkey

Herb butter roasted turkey

Bacon and onion turkey

Orange roasted turkey

Beer can turkey

Deep fried turkey

Cajun brined turkey two ways

Apple and sage turkey

Juniper brined turkey with Asian ginger butter

Pomegranate glazed turkey with wild rice stuffing


Maple whiskey gravy

Maple gravy

Cider gravy

Bourbon gravy

White wine gravy

Mushroom gravy with thyme

Classic mushroom gravy

Smoked turkey gravy

Turkey Leftovers:

Sweet and spicy turkey pitas

Turkey lasagna

Turkey and dumplings

Turkey chili hand pies

Turkey pot pie with biscuits

Turkey chili

Curried turkey sandwich

Turkey frittata

Turkey and apple breakfast sausage

Turkey meatballs

Turkey tortellini soup

Mustard turkey burgers

What are your turkey plans this Thanksgiving?

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