Setting the Thanksgiving Table

Today we’re taking our first look at Thanksgiving for this year with sides and treats to start and end your day right.  Next we’ll look at Thanksgiving crafts and activities, then turkey recipes and then cranberry recipes.

Breakfast and Bread:

Pumpkin bread

Thanksgiving muffins

Pumpkin cake doughnuts

Harvest pumpkin scones

Honey wheat rolls

Buttery sourdough buns

Quick dinner rolls


Gluten free cornbread

Gluten free high fiber dinner rolls


Pumpkin chestnut soup

Butternut bisque

Ginger squash soup with Parmesan crouton

Chestnut mushroom soup

Sweet onion soup with porcini mushrooms

Beef and barley stew with roasted winter vegetables

Creamy brie soup


Savory pumpkin ravioli

Upside down mushroom tartlets

Homemade crackers

Twice baked new potatoes

Cheesy mashed potato pots

Caramelized butternut squash

Butternut squash tamales

Bacon hasselback potatoes

Gluten free pumpkin Parmesan risotto


Cranberry apple corn bread stuffing

Olive bread stuffing with fennel

Wild rice dressing

Old fashioned bread stuffing

Roasted chestnut stuffing

Bourbon pecan stuffing

Lemon, nut, and rice stuffing

Apricot and pecan stuffing

Chorizo and corn bread stuffing

Challah stuffing with fennel and dried fruit

Gluten free stuffing

Gluten free stuffing and simple gravy


Pumpkin praline mini pies

Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin mouse

Salted pumpkin caramel thumbprints

Pumpkin icebox pie with pistachio gingersnap crust

Pumpkin bars with Marcona almonds

Pumpkin tiramisu cake

Gluten free pumpkin cake

Gluten free pumpkin pie

Very almond cheesecake

Pecan bars

Old fashioned pecan pie

Chocolate cream pie

French apple tart

Apple spice cake with cream cheese icing

Apple pie

Apple crisp

What are you cooking this Thanksgiving?


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