Cooking with Cider

Today we’re taking what is a perfectly good drink and getting creative with it!

Meal Time:

Cider brined turkey

Cider glazed sausage

Green beans with cider vinaigrette

Cider braised pork loin

Cider pork stew

Apple cider chicken

Treats and Sweets:

Mini apple cider cakes

Apple cider baked doughnuts with maple glaze

Apple cider caramels

Apple pie bars

Cider glazed apples

Easy dried apple cider pie

Apple cider buttons

Cinnamon cider doughnut holes

Apple snickerdoodles


Cider cinnamon spread

Cinnamon cider glaze

Cider Dijon dressing

Cider maple syrup

Apple cider barbecue sauce


Spiced apple cider

Warm vanilla cider

Mulled cranberry cider

Cinnamon candy cider

Cider bourbon cocktail

Maple bourbon cider

Sparkling cider and cara cara orange punch

Mulled cider and pineapple cocktail

What do you enjoy making with cider?


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