Victories for Vegans

Today we’re taking a look at some vegan friendly recipes.  I always try to include at least one gluten free or vegan or other diet-sensitive recipe in my posts, but since it’s World Vegan Month, we’re going to do a full post.  I know it’s not for everyone, but I would encourage everyone to try at least once vegan recipe because there are lots of health benefits to these recipes, and given how many people are vegan there have been great strides made in how the recipes taste, so don’t assume that we’re sacrificing a lot (or anything) to do vegan.

What does vegan mean anyway? At the very simplest it means cooking without animal products.


Whole grain vegan cranberry nut muffins

Vegan banana french toast

Vegan gluten free pumpkin waffles

Vegan banana bread

Vegan blueberry muffins


Vegetarian chili

Vegan meatballs

Roasted red pepper with olive and caper bruschetta

Quinoa salad with toasted almonds

Cuban black bean stew with rice

Savory stuffed sweet potatoes

Cauliflower “couscous” salad

Vegan lentil burgers

Vegan stuffing

Spicy vegan sloppy joes

Vegan mac and cheese

Vegan lemon fettuccine Alfredo

Tomato bisque with cashew cream


Vegan clementine cupcakes

Vegan chocolate chip cookies

Sprouted wheat vegan spice cake

Allergen free brownies

Vegan frosting

Vegan apple pie

Vegan apple oat crisp

Vegan vanilla cupcakes

Vegan pumpkin pie

What vegan recipes have you tried and loved?


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