Creepy Cookies

Today to continue our Halloween party we’re taking a look at some creepy cookies you can create to celebrate!

Spiderweb cookies

Pumpkin spice cookies

Candy corn sugar cookies

Dulce de leche bat cookies

Skull madelines

Sweet bones

Bat and cobweb cookies

Pumpkin butter sandwich cookies

Nutmeg pumpkin cookies

Apple cider buttons


Spiderweb sugar cookies

Brain cookies with blood glaze

Spooky peanut butter spider cookies

Screaming spice cookies

Gingerbread jack-o-lanterns

Munching monster cookies

Witch hat cookies

Warewolf cookie pops

Ghost s’mores

Silly monster cookie pops

Peanut butter spider cookies

Black cat cookie pops

Halloween lollipop swirls

Frankenstein’s monster’s toes

Candy corn cookies

Chocolate Halloween pretzels

Dracula’s dentures

Spooky bat sugar cookies

Scary movie mask cookies

Candy corn swirl cookies

Mummy pumpkin cookies

Creepy mini spider chocolate chip cookies

Even more ideas

What cookies will you make this Halloween?

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