Bite Sized

Halloween is getting closer!  Today we’re taking a look at some festive bite sized treats for those who prefer both sweet and savory.

Sweet bites:

Candy corn and spider web cake pops

Cake pops

Brownie bites

Pumpkin chocolate whoopie pies

Black widow spider bites

Black and orange take away truffles

Mini triple treat cupcakes

Chocolate caramel sandwich cookies

Haunted owl pretzels (warning: autoplay video)

Pumpkin bread truffles (warning: autoplay video)

Pumpkin pretzel bites

Pumpkin cake pops

Halloween inspired marshmallow pops

Poison apple gumballs

Goblin cookie truffles

Mini dipped apple bites

Chocolate pretzel spiders

Savory Bites:

Monster fingers and pimento cheese paws

Morbid miniature french onion soups

Spinach ricotta skulls

Shriveled potatoes with romesco sauce

Boney chicken bites

Spicy bat wings

Bat bites

Meatball mummy bites

Monster eyes

Mozzarella eyes

Cheesy pumpkin tarts

Mini “pumpkin” cheese balls

Fried eyes

What little treats will you be cooking up this Halloween?

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