Dastardly Drinks

Today we’re taking a look at Halloween inspired drinks to set the mood!

Red sangria

Blood orange cocktail

Halloween sunset

Bleeding heart martini

Bloody scary

Fresh from the lab bubbling cocktails

Bloody black currant punch

Hot spiced concord grape juice

Black lagoon cocktail

Gall of goat float

Blood red hot chocolate

Swamp sips


Witches brew option 1, option 2

Spiced and spiked concord grape punch

Spooky punch

Vampire kiss martini

Vampire bite mocktail

Pumpkin sangria

Dragon’s blood non-alcoholic punch

Black cloud cocktail

Phoenix rising cocktail

Magical mad hatter


Mexican pumpkin punch

Candy corn cordials

Dark chocolate martini

Dark and spooky

Black and orange vodka

Smoking skulls

Witches hat

Poison apple

Black magic

Zombie slime shooters

Bourbon pumpkin pie milkshake

Black sun

Chocolate martini

Pumpkin martini

Vampire punch

Spicy margarita

Black velvet

Even more spooky drink ideas

And even more spooky drinks

What will you be drinking this Halloween?


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